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Schulte Roofing wins 7th Versico Gold Medal Contractor Award

Schulte Roofing is proud to say that we’ve won the Versico Gold Medal Contractor award for the seventh time in a row! The award was given to us by our long-term partners at Versico Roofing Systems, who handed us a beautiful trophy to honor this achievement. We’re genuinely over the moon about this accomplishment, and everyone here at Schulte Roofing is happy to celebrate it with you—our readers and customers.

Versico Roof Systems is a leading manufacturer of single-ply membrane roofing systems. We have been working with them to help bring high-quality roofing that makes our roofing projects strong and last even longer. The Versico awards are held annually and recognize the best elite roofing company professionals who help contribute to Versico Roofing System’s mission to perform high-quality installations across the country.

The award is given to roofing contractors committed to going above and beyond for their customers and community. And since opening our doors, Schulte Roofing has been determined to reach that goal through our work and quality customer experience. This award means a lot to us, since it proves that our dream is being achieved every day.

We are grateful for having achieved this award 7 years straight!” said Josh Schulte, President of Schulte Roofing. “This rare award brings us great joy in knowing it is proof our knowledge, quality, and training far exceed the vast majority of our competitors! Everyone here has played a part in this achievement, and I am truly humbled by the sincerity of our team, who really do provide the highest quality roof assemblies. This is why we are The Home of Proof Roof Guarantee!®

Schulte Roofing would like to thank Versico Roofing Systems for gifting this award to us and recognizing us for our outstanding work. We’re honored to be working with Versico and will continue to bring top-quality and long-enduring roofing installations to our customers with their help.

We would also like to thank our incredible roofing experts at Schulte Roofing. Everyone, from our builders and architects to our project managers, we thank you for your commitment to our work and mission for better roofing.

We’re also grateful to our customers and clients for choosing Schulte Roofing, and we can’t wait to show you more of what we will achieve in the future.

If you want to learn more about Versico Roofing System and their Versico awards, visit their page here.

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