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Team Members Advance

Schulte Roofing has always been dedicated to finding hard-working, experienced talent to help build the brand and company. Sometimes, that talent comes from within.

Travis Warzon and Jason Marek started their careers with Schulte Roofing as a Roll Former Operator and Quality Control & Safety, respectively. But at Schulte Roofing, career trajectories have a pretty steep pitch. We believe in workmanship, honesty, integrity, and craftsmanship, and we believe in helping our workers grow and develop those skills along the way. That’s why we provide all of our employees with rigorous training and continual education on installation practices and current industry standards. We also empower our workers to earn valuable safety and manufacturer certifications.

We believe in our people. And we believe that when armed with the tools of success, our employees will lead Schulte Roofing into success as well. Some companies are afraid of over-educating or training their workforce, worrying that their employees will leave to seek out better opportunities with their padded new resumes.

We think the solution is pretty simple: be the ones offering better opportunities to your employees. We don’t just invest in growth for our employees, we reward that growth. Just ask Travis Warzon and Jason Marek.

Jason started working at Schulte Roofing with a split focus between safety and quality control, giving him the opportunity to learn multiple sides of the company’s operations and discover his area of expertise. Now, he’s able to fully focus his time and attention on his developing specialty: safety. As a Safety Manager, Jason will continue to grow his education and implementation of safety procedures.

“When I started I was doing both Quality Control and Safety,” said Jason. “I have the opportunity to focus on one role. Now I am full time 100% Safety Manager.

Jason Marek with David Schulte - Schulte Roofing
Jason Marek (left), David Schulte (right)

“I am able to research rules and regulations so that I can stay update and help provide a safer work environment. My job is to educate myself and my fellow coworkers. I am able to spend more time in the fields putting in to practice what I lave learned. I lead bi-weekly meetings where we cover a new topic and train all team members on updated processes. Safety has changed over the years, we take it upon ourselves to enforce the highest levels of safety.”

Travis Warzon is also eager to step into his new role. After learning the ropes as a Roll Former Operator, Travis has been promoted to Foreman. We are proud to have watched Travis grow as a leader in his time here at Schulte Roofing and we’re excited to watch him take on this new challenge. We have all the confidence he’ll continue to thrive.

Travis Warzon - Foreman - Schulte Roofing
Travis Warzon

There’s a reason Schulte Roofing cares so much about establishing internal paths to upward mobility. Because when a company stands behind their employees, their employees stand behind the company. And when we’re servicing such tight-knit communities, having local and loyal employees means everything to us.

Most of our workers are born and bred right here in the Brazos Valley, which means they truly care about the communities and customers they serve. And it seems the community cares right back.

Locally, Schulte Roofing has become a household name. Our jingle has even made its way into Texas A&M University’s student traditions. Every time a batter hits a ball against the back wall at Olsen Field during a baseball or softball game, the students erupt in a rendition of our jingle. You can hear that much brand love all the way from the parking lot.

That’s what happens when you invest locally. Whether we’re servicing customers in College Station, Bryan, Navasota, The Woodlands, Conroe, or Montgomery, we’re really just helping our neighbors. And our neighbors seem to appreciate it. After all, we’re the only roofing company to have been voted Best of the Brazos Valley for 10 years straight.

As a growing company, we’re always looking for new talent to join the team. If you’re a dedicated worker who values honesty, integrity, workmanship, and craftsmanship, you’d be a great fit for us. And if you want a company that invests in your growth through training, education, certification, and limitless upward mobility, well, we might be a great fit for you, too.

We prefer local recruits so we can cultivate talent directly from the very communities we serve. Working at Schulte Roofing isn’t just a job, it’s the start of a career. A career filled with growth, development, advancement, and support. To learn more about working at Schulte Roofing visit the official careers site.