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What We Are Thankful For

People often feel that there is something wrong with society or with themselves, and they wish to change many things. However, by attempting to make everything better, people forget to be thankful for the simple things they have. When you focus on negativity, positive things can’t find a place in your heart. Here is a list of small things we should be grateful for.

Our Life

Your life is a gift even if you’re going through tough times. So many people don’t have a chance to make it as far as you did. Famines, poverty and disease take thousands of lives every year, but you’re lucky. Be grateful for your life.

Our Friends

Friends are the family that we chose. Think of the cool jokes, important memories, phone calls and the fact that they will always cover your back. Be grateful for those relationships.

Our Parents

Parents are the only beings who could love you more than you could ever love them. They are your honest critics and biggest fans. Be grateful for their encouragement, support, strength and love. Be grateful for the opportunity of life.

Our Strength

Remember the time when you helped your friend or smiled for the family photo when you really wanted to be left alone? Be grateful for your strength to overcome your sorrows and face your troubles.

Our Mind

Your mind is a firm friend, a complex science. Your mind keeps you dreaming, hoping and thinking. It’s a necessary part that makes you who you are. Be grateful for the ability of your mind to contribute to your personality.

Our Heart

No matter how much your heart bears it always bounces back. Scarred, healed, and up for more, your heart is your spirit. Be grateful for its mettle.

Our Senses

To see, smell, touch, or feel are all the feeling we take for granted. Imagine a day when you couldn’t feel or taste. Think of everything that you’d overlook if you couldn’t perceive. You should be thankful for the sensations that make the planet so amazing.

Our Belongings

Your clothes, couch, bag, table and everything that belongs to you has a story. Each story captures a small moment in your life that will not come back. Be grateful for the moments hidden in your belongings.

Our Mistakes

A tainted perspective, a stupid phone call or a clouded judgment – these are mistakes that helped you learn, grow, and understand. Be grateful for the wisdom you have now.

Our Happiness

Happiness is a understated commodity that is rare nowadays. Be grateful for it.

Our Job

For the job that pays your loan and for the hard work you put in. Your job may not be your dream job yet, but it helps you get better. Be grateful for opportunities it gives you.