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Guidelines for Houston Roofing Projects

In many cases a new Houston roof or roofing project is the first big scale project that our customers face as homeowners.  As with most big decisions, not having enough information can leave a customer insecure with their roofing contractor and can cause undue headaches.  To help alleviate some of that pressure, we have compiled some simple Houston roofing project guidelines from top manufacturers such as Owens Corning.  Sticking with this simple guide will help make sure your roofing project is a successful and easy one.

  1. Select the Best Roofing Material

Choose the roofing material that best fits your requirements.  Besides costs and budget concerns, be sure to evaluate the material used for its energy efficiency, longevity, and cost of maintenance.  Style and color should complement your home colors and/or your personal taste.  We carry thousands of different styles, allowing you to mix and match accordingly.  This huge variety allows our customers to literally design and build their own roof, to their specifications.

2.  Select your Houston Roofing Contractor

This is the most important step of your project.  Professional Houston roofers all use the same materials for your roofing project.  The difference between your project going well and badly is the quality of the installers.  Be sure to investigate previous projects of similar magnitude, local community references, 3rd party sources (such as the BBB), verify their insurance information, and visit with them at their physical location.  Reputable companies also continually train, education, and drug test the people that will work on your home.

3.  Get Prepared

After consulting with your Houston roofer, prepare for the noise and debris.  Also, be sure to check the scope of the project, including what exact parts of the Houston roof will be repaired or replaced.  Be sure to know your roofing terminology or visit our blog for education.  Be sure that every part of the project scope is in writing on your contract before moving forward, including cleanup.  This projects both you, the customer, and the roofer of your choice.

4.  Wrap Up

Be sure to look over the manufacturer’s warranty in detail. Manufacturers will only cover replacement of faulty product and not the installation.  That is why it is important to choose a Houston roofing company backs up workmanship and the product, beyond the manufacturer’s original warranty, like the Bulletproof Roof Guarantee.  Additionally, all required permits should be obtained by the roofer themselves.  Should you be required to obtain the license yourself, find another Houston roofing contractor.  Finally, if you have financed your roof, be sure to get all of the lienholder documentation at the necessary and applicable times.

Should you have any questions about these roofing guidelines, the roofing processes, or the great Bulletproof Roof Guarantee, please contact Schulte Roofing, your local Houston Roofing Company.