Residential Metal Roofs

Beautiful, impact-resistant, ENERGY STAR® rated roofs with hundreds of color, style, and finish options and working lifespans two to three times longer than other materials.

Residential Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is the most durable and energy efficient roof system for most homes. Custom fabrication can replicate the visual appeal of slate, shake, or tile, with vastly superior wind and hail resistance and lower repair and maintenance costs. And despite what you may have heard, a metal roof is just as quiet as any other roof on the market.

Metal Roof Systems

A metal roof is more than skin deep. The paneling that you see with the naked eye is the most exterior element. Concealed beneath an array of components collaborate to form a roof system that will stand the test of time and weather, carefully selected to ensure decades of dependable performance.

Metal Roof Types

Metal roofs permit extensive design flexibility. Create a traditional look from metal panels or mirror other roofing materials with a protective stone coating. No matter how ambitious, custom fabrication can bring your imagination to life. The diversity of metal roofing available offers the perfect roof for every style, budget, and architectural purpose.

Metal Tiles

Stone Coated Metal Tiles

Metal Shakes

Stone Coated Metal Shakes

Metal Shingles

Stone Coated Metal Shingles

Metal Panels

  • Standing Seam with Concealed Fasteners
  • Standing Seam with Exposed Fasteners

Custom, Handmade Fabrication

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