Best Tip For Winter Roof Maintenance

The extreme cold temperature and heavy snow in the winter season do a great damage to various areas of your house, and roof is one of them. Roof problems, if overlooked, can easily turn from bad to worse. So, in order to ensure that your roof withstands the cold weather, it is advisable to take steps beforehand. Here are a few tips to consider for roof maintenance for winter season;

Regular Roof inspection

The first step towards roof maintenance is its inspection. You should get your Houston commercial roof checked at least twice a year. Look for any broken shingles, decay, holes, blocked gutters and tree debris. If you have trees surrounding your house, your roof is bound to have accumulated broken tree branches which increase the damage by blocking the gutters or causing the bacteria to colonize on the roof.

If your attic (if applicable) has poor ventilation, the chances of snow (albeit rarely, in Houston) or ice gathering on the roof are high. This will not only damage the roof surface but will also keep your building horribly cold. To avoid this, you may install a proper ventilation system on your own, or call a Houston commercial roofing maintenance company to have your roof inspected and fixed for you. There are several professionals that offer expert roof maintenance services; one such company is the Schulte’s Overhead Care Club.

An appropriate ventilation system will prevent snow and ice from gathering on your roof thereby keeping the house warm as well.

Removing debris

One of the major threats to the roofs are the broken tree branches that gather on the roof over time. Pines, leaves or nuts may also accumulate and decay on the roof making the shingles to impair even faster. Similarly, climbing plants pose a threat too. So, to avoid any serious damage, you should trim down hanging branches regularly. In addition to this, a periodic roof cleaning should also be carried out.

Keep the gutters open

Keeping your gutter maintained is crucial if you want your roof to survive the winter season. Blocked gutters will result in water standing on the roof, and this can cause the roof to rot as well as leakage to occur. This problem can get worst if the leaking water reaches the walls; the entire building and inside offices can get damaged due to moisture. Make sure the water exits are open and gutters are securely fastened.

You can deal with smaller problems on your own too. For example, if you see some minor leakage, you can build a temporary path for water that leads to some opening or even a bucket. Similarly, small holes in the roof can be fixed by filling them with cold plastic cement after carefully cleaning off any dust or debris. Metal flashings can be used to repair broken shingles.

However, if the situation is out of your hands and the roof is already too damaged, you should call the experts at Schulte Roofing for all of your Houston commercial roofing needs.