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Spring Cleaning Pertains to Your Roof, Too

Have you already prepared the spring cleaning checklist? Take advantage of this time and prepare your roof for spring and summer so you can enjoy the warm days ahead. A quick inspection around the house to detect minor problems before they go further can mean the difference between serious repair job and a small DIY project to fix something. With safety in mind, here is the checklist for cleaning your roof to make its maintenance relatively fast and easy.

Don’t Forget to Add Roof to the Cleaning List!

While it is true that many people have spring cleaning checklist, these are often for inside the home and the yard. But do not forget to include the roof to that list! If you notice mildew or mold inside, this is one of the main symptoms that water has seeped inside. Another common symptom is discolored spots on your walls. If that is the case, your roof needs your attention. Not only will mold do severe damage, but it can also cause leaks. As a result, you could have to fix insulation and even paint the walls.

Always Look for Mold

As mentioned, you definitely want to look for any spores that can be sitting in the ceiling, attic, or anywhere inside the house. Can you smell it? If you have inefficient venting, mold will spread over time and do severe damage to your walls and ceiling.

Carefully Clean Gutters

Gutters are the second important step of a spring roof cleaning. Every time you work on the ladder, remember to be very careful or you can get an injury. It is always better to have someone who can help you with cleaning gutters.

Clean your gutters twice a year, before winter and before springtime. In cold weather, gutters can cause ice dams which will damage the roof and lessen its life. In warm weather, clogged gutters are a reason that water overflows. If you do not clean them regularly, the whole foundation of the house can be damaged.

If you clean gutters yourself, make sure there are no twigs, leaves or seeds. Never flush the gutter before completely cleaning it or you could get a clogged downspout which is harder to clean. After gutters are clean, you can use a hose and remove small residue that is often in the gutter.

Inspect the Shingles

Looking for wet areas and dark spots on your shingles. These are the main reason for cracks in your shingles, which can result in leaks. If you have wood shingles (especially cedar ones), look for broken or curled parts.

Replace any missing shingles. If you do not feel comfortable standing on the ladder trying to find damage shingles, call your local professional roofing contractor. The more you wait the more damage your roof will get.

Trim Nearby Branches

Of course, trees are not the part of the roof but they have a huge impact on its health. Do you see any trees that grow nearby? Spring is the perfect time to trim back trees and bushes that are responsible for leaves that clog clutters and branches that can damage the shingles. Do not wait till summer, because blooming trees are much harder to trim.

Look for Additional Wear

Even if everything looks fine at the first sign, you roof could have invisible damage. Look for heavy wear, especially next to the gutters. Check around the metal parts. If you see rust, take a wire brush and carefully remove it, then use the primer and paint to coat it. Fascia and coping should not have any damage. You should also carefully inspect spots near pipes and chimneys because these areas are prone to damage. If you see sagging parts, check for loose nails and tighten those up. You should also carefully inspect the downspouts.

Once everything looks fine from the outside, you should inspect the roof from the inside. Inspect it for signs of staining. You can easily repair a stain without letting the damage spread further, but many stains can be a symptom of a serious problem. If you notice leaks, contact the local professional roofing contractor because water buildup can result in more serious consciences than just roof repairs.

Now when you have checked everything off of your roof spring cleaning checklist, you will be able to enjoy spring and summer without worry.