Clean Running Gutters Are Happy Gutters!

It is commonly wondered why clean running gutters are so essential, probably because there are manyBrenham_Roof words that come to mind whenever thinking about gutter cleaning, such as daunting, tiresome, and risky. These are just a few of the common reactions as it is hard to see a real noticeable benefit from performing this task. It is often unknown to most people that unclean gutters actually can result in expensive repairs and premature future failure. Building owners should understand what happens from the poor performance of this component and the importance of cleanliness and a regular maintenance schedule in order to achieve a well-functioning system.

Poor Gutter System

The primary function of the system is to channel rain water and melted snow off a roof. An adequate system will direct water from the foundation to prevent basement flooding, unsightly soil erosion and keep outside walls and windows reasonably dry, which in turn will prevent the basement from getting wet. Normally, water will run down from the roof through eaves troughs then into downspouts and finally to nearby drainage. When eaves troughs are blocked or obstructed, water will start pooling until it overflows.

In the event of clogging due to accumulated dirt and debris, the movement of water will be hampered and overflowing water will creep along the sides of a building by virtue of gravity. When this occurs, water will enter through any gap or crack it finds along the way. This can lead to the growth of mold and cause damage to major architectural structures. If unnoticed and not managed, a simple problem can become a very large one and be a very expensive future repair job.

Cleaning Gutters

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year, preferably in the autumn and spring and certainly before the rainy season begins. This is essential to remove any debris that has accumulated inside the eaves troughs. Dirt can be removed using a stiff brush and rinsing with water using a garden hose. Downspouts should also be checked for blockage and similarly flushed. It would be a good investment to place removable mesh screens or covers on gutters and downspouts to protect the system from collected waste material. It is also vital to inspect the pitch of the gutters so that water can run smoothly and effectively down the drain. Ideally, all eaves troughs should have at least one-quarter inch of inclination for every ten linear feet.

Preventive Maintenance

Part of a regular schedule should include the removal of clogs and other debris material periodically to avoid any future roof failures and other system problems. Preventive maintenance allows the eaves troughs to operate efficiently in channeling rainwater down the drain pipes. It is also done to: prevent the deterioration of any major structural supports; remove rotting leaves and other decomposable materials; eliminate any mold infestation; and prevent the rusting of metal components. If the gutters are taken for granted, the job for which they are designed will not happen resulting in structural failure and expensive repairs.

Periodic cleaning of eaves trough is a cost-efficient method to avoid unwanted repairs. Since this task can be dangerous, it is best to contact professionals to handle such work. By maintaining clean running gutters, the benefits of a serviceable eaves trough system can be enjoyed for a long time by eliminating expensive repairs for a building owner. So it is indeed true that a clean running gutter is a happy gutter!

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