Clean Your Roof for Future Savings!

Roofer_HoustonReplacing or even just repairing a roof is an expensive undertaking. Hiring a building contractor to do this job takes quite a bit of money not to mention the inconvenience it causes to the occupants. The better choice is to simply maximize the roof’s service life and save money by avoiding costly expenses which is possible with just simple cleaning.

Deterioration Causes

The first step in avoiding repair or replacement expense is to learn the various causes of deterioration to a roof. It is the part of the home most exposed to the outdoor elements and can therefore encounter many things that could potentially be damaging.

  • Algae – Algae is something that could hasten deterioration and damage. The spores are carried by the wind and land on the housetop. If the area is moist and shaded by overhead structures or tree branches, it would be an ideal place on which algae could thrive. This could create an ugly appearance and eventually damage the surface of the material.
  • Dirt and Debris– Dust and leaves often accumulate on the housetop. While not easily noticed, they gradually gather together. Once the debris starts to pile up, it could finally reach a point where it could readily trap moisture. Decaying matter such as leaves could also release substances that may trigger corrosion or speed up deterioration.
  • UV Rays – Roofs protects a living space from the direct heat of the sun; they are also susceptible to the damaging effect of UV rays. Without proper maintenance, the protective layer will eventually wear out and make the rest of the material susceptible to damage.
  • Harsh Weather – Nothing is more destructive than bad weather; strong wind, hail, heavy rain and snow will eventually take a toll on the material. A roof may only initially acquire small amounts of damage; repeated exposure can magnify the problem and will eventually lead to extensive damage.

Cleaning Tips

Regular cleaning and maintenance will certainly save a roof from a more immediate need for repair or replacement. While it is exposed to the elements twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, regular cleaning and maintenance will help slow down the damaging effects of weather. To extend the serviceable life of this structure and prevent costly expenditures, dirt or debris should be removed to provide protection from all the elements that could speed up the deterioration process.

If at all possible, cleaning should be done every season, as various weather conditions have different effects. For example, during the fall leaves fall and if left on the housetop, could cause damage. During winter, heavy snow can cause damming on flat and low slope roofs and could result in leakage if left untouched. During the summer, UV light is stronger; a protective coating could be applied to prevent damage from exposure to UV rays.

As part of a regular maintenance routine, the top of the house should be cleaned regularly by brushing off any debris. Any algae or other growing matter should also be removed before serious damage occurs. Getting rid of algae can be done by brushing it off or by applying a cleaning chemical. Roofing materials, such as metal panels coated with paint should be repainted once the original coating starts to flake or break off. This will prevent corrosion from occurring on the material and protect it from direct exposure to UV rays and other damaging elements.

After bad weather such as strong winds or hail, it is advisable to take check for any hail or wind effects. A small amount of damage may not be evident at first but can eventually develop into much larger problems if not repaired. Re-install any loose flashing or broken shingles as soon as possible. In addition, apply sealant on any gaps and holes created by bad weather.

These simple measures should help protect and extend the life of a roof. The benefits may not be evident at first; however, in the long run thousands of dollars of extensive repairs can be avoided. Remember that it is always important to keep safety as a top priority. If the housetop is too steep or too high to climb, then leave the job to a professional! Clean that roof and enjoy future savings!

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