Save Money And Your Roof By Cleaning It!

Conroe_RoofThere are several reasons why a roofing system needs to be cleaned. It could be for reasons of appearance, energy efficiency, and property value; however, the most essential reason it should be done is because of how it impacts the roof’s ability to have a longer lifespan and save money at the same time.

Periodic maintenance should be done to prevent debris accumulation of debris and maintain a good appearance. Vegetation growth must be removed to preserve a roofing system’s integrity.

Cleaning Debris

Caring for and preserving a roof is the key to maintaining longevity. Debris should be cleared at least twice a year. Pine needles, dry leaves, branches, twigs, and granules should be removed that might otherwise obstruct the proper flow of water runoff into the drain which would avoid water pooling in the gutters, potentially damaging walls and other major structures, eventually leading to costly replacement. During this process, any cracks and crevices should be thoroughly inspected for undesirable materials that could compromise the function of the system.

Cleaning Stains

Black streaks or stains seen on some roofing surfaces are usually caused by algae. The effective removal of algae depends on its severity and longevity, as a one-year streak is easier to remove compared to a ten-year old stain.

Stain removal can be done in two ways: through a do-it-yourself method or by hiring professionals. The difference between these two options is cost and outcome. Most important is that the algae be properly removed on a regular basis to maintain a good visual appearance.

  • Do-It-Yourself – This method can be done using the proper products. Chlorine bleach can be sprayed on the roof for faster cleaning with less rinsing; this will cause less damage to asphalt shingles. Hydrogen peroxide is known to be environmentally-friendly and does not harm the landscape; however, when using such a product, the rinsing process must be done accurately to avoid irreversible damage to the material.
  • Professionals – Licensed, trained, and experienced contractors use certain techniques to produce an exceptional outcome and deliver a money-saving guarantee for work performed.

Unfortunately, removal of black streaks using cleaning products is not a long-term solution to this problem; in addition, when used frequently it can cause brittleness, cracking, premature aging and failure of the roof. Once a roof’s integrity has been breached, water can penetrate through cracks or gaps resulting in future damage and expensive repairs. If algae is not removed, it will hold water and cause shingles to eventually peel off, affecting the roof as well as the safety and comfort of the building’s occupants.

Cleaning is an essential part of periodic maintenance. Undesirable vegetation and accumulated debris could prevent gutters from becoming blocked, compromising normal functioning and cause expensive repairs. Cleaning can be done D-I-Y or by experienced contractors. Either way, money can be saved and roof’s life can be prolonged when cleaned on a regular basis!

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