Gutter Choices – Pick the Right Ones!

Roofing_HoustonWhen compared to the entire size of the roof, the gutter or eaves trough is a just one small part of the entire upper structure of a building and its importance in maintaining the overall integrity of the roof is often overlooked. Once a gutter breaks down, replacing this important component of the roofing structure should be given the proper thought and consideration in order to find the right one.


While the function of the gutter is fairly simple – to channel water away from the roof – it is one part of a building that should never be ignored. According to professional contractors, failing to maintain or replace the eaves troughs can lead to a myriad of problems.

Without the gutter, any large volume of rain that beats against the roof will fall straight to the ground from any part of the roof. This will eventually result in unsightly erosion on the ground, especially if the water lands on soil. The impact of the rainwater as it hits the ground could soak the ground and even rot the lower edge of the wooden siding of a house. Heavy rain can cause flooding around the house if water is not diverted by the proper drainage system. The eaves trough ensures that water coming from the roof is collected and channeled gently towards a run-off point to avoid such a problem.

Types of Material

There are a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing gutters. There are many designs and materials from which to choose. Following are some of the most popular types of material in current use.

  • Aluminum – The material used to create gutters has to be lightweight and resistant to corrosion. These are some of the traits that of aluminum, which makes it a very popular material for these building complements. The metal does not rust, so it has a very long lifespan. Installing it is also quite easy since the material is light and pliable. The only downside to aluminum is that it is so pliable, which means the material can be easily distorted just by leaning a ladder against it.
  • Steel – Currently, steel is the most popular type of material used in the manufacture of gutters. It is pliable but unlike aluminum, it is considerably stronger and remains strong against heavy winds or large amounts of snow. However, this material does require regular maintenance, as any paint coverage will eventually chip off and rust could develop.
  • Copper and Zinc – These materials are not commonly found on the eaves troughs of the average home because it only blends well with traditional and classical home designs. Copper and zinc gutters are used for their rustic and vintage appearance. In terms of cost, this material is priced three to four times more than steel or aluminum.
  • Seamless – Seamless gutters are made from either steel or aluminum. As the name implies, seamless gutters do not have jointed sections. The entire section is measured and created on-site. The biggest advantage is that there are no unsightly joints on the panels and they are less likely to leak due to the fewer number of seams.
  • Sectional – Contrary to the seamless type, sectional gutters are pre-fabricated sections that are ready for assembly. Each section can be cut down and adjusted to match the length and angle of the roof. This type is popular with “do-it-yourselfers” as they are basically ready for installation.

Choosing the right gutter is not based upon grabbing the first thing that is available on the shelf. Consideration should be taken of the cost of the material as well as the cost for installation, since that latter cost may vary depending on the material chosen and the amount of work involved. It is very important to in mind that if aluminum is the choice of material for gutters, the home should be in an area where there are no strong winds or falling tree branches since the material is very pliable and can be easily damaged. So be sure to pick the right one for the area where it will be used!

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