Why Must Gutters Be Correctly Placed?

Montgomery Roofer - Schulte RoofingThe worse adversary in terms of building preservation is definitely water. Structures can be protected against the damage caused by this element if it is directed away from the building. The conventional method of moving water away from a roof and to the ground so it does not damage a building is through the use of gutters, downspouts and a sub-surface drainage system. If gutters are incorrectly installed, it not only defeats their primary function but can also cause several additional problems.


The primary function of a gutter is to channel water away from a house in a manner that does not damage the roof, walls, interior structure, landscape and foundation which will certainly save a great deal of money in repairs in the future. The purpose for the correct placement of gutters along the fascia board is to prevent damage that can result in such costly repairs.


Potential problems can happen if the eaves trough system is not properly installed. When the eaves troughs are improperly placed or obstructed, water will run down on the fascia board; in some instances, it will flow over the back of the gutter and into the soffit and penetrate essential structures. It could leak into wooden or masonry sidewalls and through to the ceiling. The greatest inconvenience is when the foundation of the house is saturated, making the structure unstable and promoting mold growth in the basement which poses a health hazard to all building residents.


The slope of the eaves troughs is just as important as the installation. To effectively and smoothly channel water into the downspouts and away from the house, the eaves must be properly pitched. If improperly pitched, they can allow water to pool and cause unnoticed clogs, leaks and corrosion which will ultimately affect overall performance. The system should be pitched one inch per ten feet of length and downspouts should be extended several feet away from the foundation of a house. To confirm that the system is functioning effectively, a running garden hose can be placed in an upper entry point and observed as the water flows down through the pipes to the ground.

Inaccurate gutter pitch can have the same or worse effect as that of incorrectly placed eaves troughs, causing pooling that can result in severe structural damage and expensive repairs. It is important to inspect the system and ensure that it is clean and evenly sloped without any low areas to prevent water from moving smoothly and efficiently.

Keeping a Montgomery roofing system in good working condition is a necessity to eliminate any potential damage caused by rain water. Incorrect gutter placement can cause water to back up and overflow during heavy rains. When eaves troughs are not properly installed, water will not be channeled away from the roof and building foundation, resulting in roof damage, obstruction, leakage, sagging, mold formation, and wet walls. That is why it is imperative for gutters be correctly placed!