How to Avoid Roofing Repairs By Being Observant!

There are many factors involved in avoiding costly roofing repairs. Choosing the right material and the best craftsmanship from the beginning of the project greatly contributes to the prevention of roof repairs when storms arrive. Being observant to the needs of the roofing Houston system is an important key to avoiding expensive repairs due to various damaging factors.

Regular Maintenance is Vital

Many roofing experts say that the best way to fight unnecessary repairs resulting from roof damage is by performing periodic maintenance. Maintenance is an essential tool in helping detect roofing problems. Early detection of such problems could be the ultimate solution. Roofing experts suggest that a roof be inspected semi-annually to check for any structural damage and early warning signs of problems.

Observation Tips

Observe the condition of the roofing Houston system by following the tips listed below:

  • Start from the inside – Inspect the ceiling and walls for any signs of leaking, such as sagging ceilings and water stains.
  • Inspect the attic – Check for damaged insulation, cracks, broken trusses or rafters, water stains on the structural supports, condensation around pipes and observe for signs (tiny pellets) of rodent infestation in the attic.
  • Inspect the roof for any abnormalities on the outside – Take a closer look at the roof by climbing up a ladder. Check for unsealed nail heads, missing shingles, loss of granulation, splitting or curling, algae or mold, crumbling, stains, clogged downspouts, damaged vents, debris accumulation, and loose flashing. Examine the surface carefully for any signs of abnormalities.
  • Inspect the attic ventilation – Check the attic ventilation for rust or for moldy smells in the attic. Check attic fans to ensure that they are working properly. Do not forget to inspect the area for bird’s nests or rodent infestation. Attic vent inspection is a vital component of preventive maintenance that is commonly overlooked. Attic vents, if not properly working, can lead to mildew damage and roof collapse.

Observing the roof for any abnormalities could be the best way to avoid costly repairs over the long term. By conducting a visual inspection, it is possible to find certain roofing issues that would be otherwise overlooked or not recognized for what they are showing until a roofing failure occurs. For any homeowner unable to perform such an examination, consider having a reputable roofing company conduct periodic inspections of the roof to look for any problems.

Every homeowner should be concerned about the cost of repairing a roof. This can be completely avoided with the proper knowledge of the warning signs of roofing Houston damage. This is a great first step to take for every homeowner to ensure that the roof is in good shape and not hiding anything that could lead to roof failure – be observant and be aware!