Do You Know When To Repair Your Roof?

One of the most expensive aspects of home maintenance is fixing the roofing system. Prevention is vitalClaymex Tile Roof by Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer in avoiding premature failure and other future problems. Adequate maintenance is necessary to maximize the service life of both the material and other important structural components. In order to achieve this, visual inspections must be done on a regular basis to look for probable repair warning signs. Knowing these common signs can help avoid a major restoration project or expensive replacement!

  • Aging – A roof does not last forever and as its life expectancy approaches the end, its ability to protect the entire building structure does indeed decrease. It becomes easier for water to penetrate the structure because the materials have become brittle and fragile with age and it may need some help. If the system is already 15 or more years old and has any damage, replacement may be necessary.
  • Leakage – Water penetration is definitely a sign that the structure needs to be repaired or replaced. A leak can cause substantial damage to major components of the roof and also threatens the entire structural integrity, which could lead to expensive repairs. To avoid premature failure, all such water problems should be looked for early and addressed promptly in order to keep costly and extensive damages from occurring.
  • Missing Shingles – Many people ignore the importance of checking a roof for missing shingles. This is often the reason why leaks cause serious problems in the future. It is important to inspect this structure at least once a year to see that protective materials are still intact and complete. If some shingles have been blown off by strong winds, they can either be replaced on a DIY basis or have a professional roofer handle the work. If only a few shingles are missing, there is usually no need to call the insurance company as such replacement is not a difficult task and readily handle by either method previously stated. Of course, the greater the percentage that are missing, the more likely it will be that some type of insurance claim may need to be filed.
  • Severe Granulation Loss – Granulation is a secondary manifestation of the natural occurrence of aging and is also the result of hail damage. When hail stones hit the surface of asphalt shingles, the protective mineral granules separate, exposing the substrate and making it vulnerable to further damage which compromises the life expectancy of the roofing material. Always look for signs of severe loss of these protective mineral granules in the gutters or downspouts. If extensive granular loss is seen, the system may need to be repaired or even replaced.
  • Ceiling Stains – The main sign that there is a leak is the presence of a coffee-colored stain on the ceiling of any room. If such a stain is detected at an early stage, serious damage can be thwarted. Ceiling stains mean that water is penetrating the decking, sheathing, and trusses, finally coming all the way through the ceiling. Inspection by a qualified expert is necessary to assess the extent of the leak and to determine the appropriate solution for the problem.

Generally, when a roof needs to be repaired there are several warning signs to be detected and seen. It is important that these signs not be ignored in order to prevent major problems in the future. Taking immediate action once these warning signs are recognized could save thousands of dollars in repair costs due to more extensive damage. Always remember that at the first sign of damage, a professional contractor should be immediately contacted to examine the damage and offer advice about how to best restore the structural integrity of the building cover. That is the best way to know when to repair a roof!

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