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Important Ways to Reduce Roof Damage

Conroe Roof Company - Schulte RoofingA roofing system is always susceptible to damage. The elements that can harm a roof are impossible to avoid, especially when coming in the form of earthquakes, hail storms, hurricanes, lightning, wildfires, and tornadoes. Thankfully, the degree of damage from such weather attacks can be minimized.

To reduce and control such issues, the weather risk must first be identified to keep damage to a minimum. Location does play a critical role in limiting potential damage although there are other means to reduce any aftereffects.


Causes and Prevention

Listed below are several weather causation factors that can affect a building’s roof and various preventive measures that can help mitigate such losses.

Hurricane Damage

  • Cause – The winds from this weather catastrophe not only cause structural destruction but could cause fatalities as well. Wind-borne debris such as tree limbs, flying signposts, and building parts can destroy structures. Residential construction is most vulnerable to hurricane destruction while the roof is the first component likely to be damaged or destroyed. The lack of a connection from the roof to exterior walls is the main cause of failure due to the uplift effect.
  • Prevention – To solve such an issue: hurricane clips can be applied for proper truss bracing; special cement can be applied under shingle tabs, and a proper amount of fasteners for hurricane-prone areas must be installed. The key way to prevent the uplift effect is adequate connection and anchoring of rafters and trusses to adjacent structural elements. Lag bolts and hurricane straps must be used rather than nails; walls should be braced for structural integrity. Roof-to-wall and wall-to-foundation connections should always be given importance to transfer the load path to the foundation.

Hailstorm Damage

  • Cause – The damage caused by windblown hail is considered to be extremely destructive and results in very costly repairs.
  • Prevention – To decrease such destruction, hail-resistant products with the highest impact-level ratings (Class 4) based on Underwriters Laboratory 2218 standard should be installed.

Wildfire Damage

  • Cause – A roof is quite vulnerable to wildfire destruction, generally due to the type of construction materials used.
  • Prevention – Non-combustible products (Class-A rating) or fire-retardant-treated woods should be used on a roof. Another way to lessen such an impact is to conduct regularly scheduled maintenance to include cleaning off pine needles and other accumulated debris, trimming low-hanging branches, and creating a defensible perimeter.

Foot Traffic Damage

  • Cause – Inspections requiring walking on the surface of the roof can compromise the overall performance of the structure. Common problems include small cuts and punctured membranes.
  • Prevention – These problems can be prevented by limiting foot traffic and using padding as a walking path while inspecting or making repairs.

Nothing can help to overcome and reduce the damaging effects of man and nature on a roofing system other than being well-prepared and proactive through regular maintenance and adherence to the above steps. These are all valid ways to reduce roof damage!

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