Why Repairing Your Roof Can Be Better!

The roof is one of the most important components of a house and should therefore be given proper careHouston_Roofing_Contractors and attention to keep it functioning at its maximum capability. It serves as protection for a building against the harsh elements of nature and is usually the part of the structure that encounters the most serious damage when a natural disaster strikes.

It is generally understood that the need for any repairs should be promptly addressed as this will not only help maintain the value of a building but will also help increase its efficiency. Therefore, it is imperative to learn the reasons why repairing a roof is often better than replacing it.

Following are some of the typical reasons why making repairs to this structure is often more advantageous.

  • Prolongs Life – Roofs have an anticipated life expectancy; however, the majority of the material used on these structures can exceed a stated maximum service life if properly maintained in good working condition and repaired when necessary. If minor damage is immediately fixed, the system can be protected and expensive replacement averted. The key element to this lies in proper maintenance so that the structure is kept in good working condition.
  • Improves Protection – There are many dangerous things that can occur if the integrity of the roofing system is compromised, especially during winter months when snow accumulation can cause serious structural damage. Replacing or repairing a roof after snowstorm damage is a very expensive undertaking that should be avoided if at all possible. Simple repairs are often all that is needed to increase the durability of this system so that it can continue to shield and protect occupants from the cold outside weather.
  • Avoids Replacement – Replacement is necessary when roofing problems are not detected at an early stage. This includes the failure to detect minor deterioration such as: damaged flashings; interior ceiling stains, curling, missing or buckling shingles; and valley deterioration. If all of these things are identified at an early stage and promptly repaired, there should not be any severe problems that could lead to replacement. The key element is periodic maintenance.
  • Promotes Healthy Environment – One serious health risk is the presence of mold anywhere in or on a building. Mold growth is nurtured by moisture frequently resulting from leakage and can be prevented by the repair of any leaks. The primary cause of a leak is a hole in the roof.

The most important part of a building structure is its roofing system. Proper maintenance of this system is essential to keep it in top condition. The replacement of the roof should be given careful consideration as it is a major and expensive undertaking and can be avoided simply with a good maintenance program and making simple repairs as needed. Therefore, it is almost always better to repair the roof than to proceed with the more expensive decision – which is replacement!

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