5 Unique Rooftop Ideas

It’s always nice to have a place where you can relax and take a look at the surroundings. And we’re not talking about a gazebo or pergola; we are talking about your roof that you could transform into a patio, terrace or even a garden. Any of these 5 unique rooftop ideas would help you create a place where you can breathe fresh air and see the heavens. That would be a relaxing time which takes away the stresses of everyday life.

Contemporary Terrace

If you live in a contemporary house, a contemporary terrace on your roof is a perfect match. For example, if your rooftop is tucked away on one side, you can set it up to feature maximum views and comfort. Follow the clean lines of your roof when setting the terrace. The light color would be perfect for a sunny terrace; don’t forget to use wood floorings that won’t heat up. Add furniture and you will get an amazing rooftop terrace that gives you an additional opportunity to enjoy the surroundings and relax.

The Sun And Shades Roof Patio

You may want to use your rooftop in many different ways. Sometimes, you need a place for entertainment and the next day you want a place to relax and sunbath. If you have a wide flat roof, you can create a shaded section perfect for entertaining and eating, while another section can feature the conversation area open to the sun. Then you can easily unify both sections by choosing sustainable decking which helps you feel like you’re on a vacation.

Private Terrace

Sometimes all you need is to get away from everything and relax. And that’s what you can do if you turn your roof into the private terrace! Install privacy glass and retractable shades on one side and wood walls that match your decking on the other side. Create the atmosphere for conversation and seating and escape the busy world below.

Roof Gardens

Your roof can become a second living room, your spot in the sun among beautiful greens. Roof gardens are much lower maintenance than regular gardens and are heaven for butterflies. Choose low-maintenance plants and use plant pots. Make sure that lighting cables are waterproof. And you can even install an irrigation system that connects to the tap and turns on every day.

Swimming Pool On The Roof

Swimming pools are an amazing way to relax with your friends and family. They are also perfect for good cardio exercise. The most amazing part is that they are no longer those rectangular tubs with water. With all innovative technologies and vivid imagination, swimming pools have turned into a heaven on your roof.

You don’t need a huge roof for this, just like you don’t need to dig a hole. Rooftop pools are famous nowadays; they help save space and get a perfect view from above while swimming in the soothing water.