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A Guide to Picking the Best Roof Color!

A big decision that must be make at some point is choosing the right roof color which is a perfect time toMontgomery_Roofer increase the appeal of the entire structure since it covers such a large portion of a home’s exterior. Such a decision should be carefully made so that the result will complement the architectural style of the house as well as the overall color scheme.

Before heading out to select the materials to do such a task, read some of the helpful tips listed below.


There are many color options available from which to make a selection; there is bound to be something that will suit the personal tastes of the building occupants. The spectrum ranges from bright and bold colors for that ‘wow’ factor to more understated neutral shades to create a more understated look.

Online Simulator

Although certain colors may look beautiful in brochures, the look can be completely different once it has been put on the roof. In order to have a clearer vision of a potential outcome, there are online simulators available to look at choices to help in the selection process. Many retailer’s websites allow customers to see a visual representation of a house and change the roofing color to get an idea of what the outcome would look like when put on an actual house. Of course a simulator cannot replicate every roof; however, it still offers a visual example of how a roof would appear once work has been completed. It is certainly a better option than simply relying on small sample color cards.

Future Needs

If a house may be placed for sale in the near future, a decision to change the roof color could greatly affect the selling potential of the property. A roof with a neutral shade makes a structure more universally appealing than a shade of purple would. Making the wrong color choice could actually cause potential buyers to turn away.

Other Factors

Browsing through brochures of color and material choices is not enough when making such an important decision. Following are some other important factors that should be taken into a color selection decision.

  • Exterior – Carefully look at a home’s exterior; a new shingle color should bring together the entire look of a house and blend with its surrounding environment.
  • Selection – Rich roofing colors can be coordinated with exterior elements such as siding, brick, stone or paint. Roofing contractors can help clients examine the wide collection of hues from which to choose to find one that conforms with the architecture and overall appearance of the house.
  • Appearance vs. Functionality – Consider a material that will not only improve the appearance of the building but improve the build’s functionality as well.
  • Unique Combinations – For a monochromatic exterior, adding shingles with a thicker appearance and rich texture will create a unique visual combination.

With this helpful guide and a reputable roofer to do the installation, the right colors can transform a home into a beautiful and appealing structure, turning concepts into reality!

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