Important Information about Roof Warranties!

Roof_Houston_TXInvesting in a new roof can be very costly. Such a sizable investment needs some sort of protection; it would be an unwise decision to not protect it in some fashion should any problems arise during its lifetime. Therefore, the price for a new roof should also include the cost of a warranty. If unfamiliar about how such coverage should be handled, it would be vital to find about about all of this ahead of time before any quotes are obtained.

Each bid for a new housetop covering should be carefully examined to ensure it does include provisions for a warranty and that the cost for such coverage has been included in the contract and added into the final price. Before considering any quotes, the following helpful information should be carefully reviewed and considered.

  • Provider – A warranty is usually provided by the manufacturer of the roofing material. The contractor who does the installation normally provides any required services for which the warranty coverage would be responsible; having a guarantee provided by the manufacturer is very unusual. So when shopping for roofing material, it is important to be sure that the material has a guarantee from the manufacturer that will protect the investment. Dealers who handle the material normally include a warranty upon purchase; however, that should be carefully checked before accepting a bid and finalizing it with a contract.
  • Terms – Typically, warranty terms vary from one manufacturer to another and usually depend upon the type of material that is selected. It is best to have a guarantee that lasts for a minimum of ten years and twenty years or more is actually preferable. Often times a warranty can be extended; however, it is important to consider the lifespan of the material before considering the extension of any guarantee since it will not normally extend beyond the normal life of the material.
  • Effective Date – The “terms of acceptance” should also be double-checked as this is one of the most important things to consider with a warranty. Although the terms may differ from contract to contract, they usually include the point at which the guarantee will be activated. Generally, it will take effect upon the completion of the installation and after the manufacturer has sent an inspector to determine whether or not the materials have been properly installed. Again, it is imperative to read the agreement thoroughly and be fully aware of the exact policy details that are applicable to the installation of the roof.
  • Third-Party Inspection – Remember that even though the warranty is provided by the manufacturer, the work is done by the contractor; therefore, a thorough inspection should be performed once the installation is complete. By having a third-party inspection done, a certain assurance can be provided that the guarantee will be valid and applicable when needed.
  • Transferable – In addition, when purchasing a building with an existing warranty, it is possible for a manufacturer’s warranty to be transferable to new owner after inspection by a third party. If certain things must be done to transfer the existing terms to the name of a new owner, be sure to inquire about what must be done as the transfer is typically the vendor’s responsibility. There are instances when the contract may require that the structure be inspected. If there is any damage, repair may be required and is usually for paid by the new owner before the warranty is valid.

Being assured that the roof is covered by a warranty leaves a feeling of confidence that the property will be covered for any damage that might happen. Hopefully this article has helped to provide necessary information about roofing warranties!

Be Sure Your Conroe Roof is Covered by a Warranty!

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