Important Information About Chopped Fiberglass Roofing!

With the latest roofing innovations, numerous manufacturers continue to provide prospective customersConroe_Roofing_Repair with the most advanced, high-quality, and state-of-the-art material. There are many varieties of material available on the market that are suited for repairs, from the heaviest slate to the lightest metal roofing. With such cutting-edge technology, two characteristics have been combined to develop a durable and lightweight material known as “chopped fiberglass roofing.”


Chopped fiberglass roofing is made through a fabrication process called “pultrusion” in which composite materials are combined to form a durable product. Continuous strands of fiberglass rope are introduced into an air-operated chopping machine that pulverizes the rope into tiny strands. It is then blown into an adjustable fan pattern using four air passage jets to precisely mix the composite materials mid-air to create a clay-type asphalt emulsion. It is manufactured on the job site to adapt the varying configurations and penetrations for efficient performance. The by-product is: functional, versatile, durable, provides extra reinforcement and easy to apply.

Since this material is very practical, it is very popular for residential and commercial usage alike because of its many advantages over conventional substances, some of which are listed below.


  • Rust and Dent Resistant – This material is admired because it will not rust like metal and it is very difficult to dent. For anyone living in hailstorm-prone areas, a chopped fiberglass system can be applied to prevent severe storm damage.
  • Heat and Fire Resistant – This system offers one of the most flame retardant materials. It is highly effective for application on roofs where buildings are located in forest areas. Since forest fires seem to be on the increase, it is vital to think about using the chopped fiberglass top covering for prevention.
  • Thermal Shock Resistant – The substance easily adapts to abrupt changes in temperature, virtually preventing membranes from cracking while improving material integrity to prolong the lifespan and decrease maintenance and repairs over time.
  • Installation Ease – It is two times faster to apply than other rubberized materials. The emulsion is blended and sprayed using a hand-held chopping gun system, decreasing the likelihood of disturbing occupants and interrupting the normal flow of business operations.
  • Energy Star Rated – Like other materials, chopped fiberglass bears the energy star symbol which attests that it has efficient and improved building energy performance.
  • Renewable and Re-Applicable – One of the major advantages when using this type of substance is that the existing product can remain and not have to be removed. The chopped fiberglass can be applied right over it, decreasing the cost to remove the old substance and dispose of it as well.
  • Extendable Warranty – Once the system reaches its expiration date in 12 to 20 years, the warranty can be renewed and extended for another 12 to 20 years which is not possible for other systems.

With so many options available thanks to recent innovations, one of the highly functional and most efficient solutions for roof repair projects can be achieved through the use of chopped fiberglass roofing. By learning the advantages and knowing how it is created to produce a durable, versatile, and effective roofing material, better choices are being offered to extend a roof’s function and usage. Knowing all the advantages can be very essential to achieve a sense of security with chopped fiberglass roofing!

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