Avoid Bad Houston Roofers

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Recently in Houston, TX, a local town home community received some bad roofing work and has been left hanging in the wind as their calls for leaks and other issues go unanswered.  For almost a year and a half after the roof was completed, issues like leaks and ventilation problems have been plaguing the entire community.  Unfortunately for the residents and property owners, the roofer displayed classic signs of poor workmanship and business ethics.

What Went Wrong

The roof originally started to fail from the deterioration of the protective exterior coating, which serves as a water barrier that prevents water leaks.  That enabled water to enter the spaces between the roof, walls, and exterior of the homes.  Water seeped into the open spaces and damaged the structure.  Water damage was easily seen from the interior of several homes.

The roofer installed scuppers, which help with water flow and redirection of the water to the gutter system.  However, the original roofers left the scuppers bridged, which means they were not balanced and did not hold a tight seam, allowing water to flow freely, the opposite of the desired action.

Additionally, the roofer did not clean the jobsite well and left many parts of the plumbing system clogged with old roofing debris that should have been removed and disposed or recycled properly.

However, it is important to note that not all of the roofing issues were due to the roofing contractor’s negligence.  Several air conditioning repairs were also completed.  The AC units sit on top of the roof and were moved several times.  Without proper installation and training, AC units and satellite dishes can cause leaks.

Frustration for Homeowners

Several of the homeowners have made complaints and have contacted the original roofing company.  However, according to Sam Miller, one of the residents, calls have been left unanswered.  Residents have attempted numerous contacts and complaints to resolve the issue.  However, after 18 months, the roofer has still yet to perform any work.

More frustratingly for homeowners is the concern of the roofing warranty.  After a short 18 months, homeowners and the property management board are concerned that their existing roofing warranty will expire before any repair work is performed.

That means that the homeowners and property management board will have to hire an additional Houston roofer to fix the previous work done by the negligent contractor.

How to Avoid Bad Roofing Contractors

It’s important to note some of the tail-tell signs that homeowners experienced during this particular roofing project:

  • Short term warranty
  • Ultra low price
  • Debris left at the job site
  • Poor workmanship
  • Unanswered calls and support requests

When selecting a roofing company be sure you choose a warranty that will cover your long term costs.  Saving money in the long run pales in comparison to the money you will save over the life of your roof if you have a proper warranty to back it all up.  Be sure to also get a warranty that covers both materials and workmanship.  That way homeowners are never out of pocket in the event that something does occur.

Responsiveness in any business is paramount to good customer service.  Homeowners should look out for how prospective roofers handle support requests.  When interviewing your potential roofer, be sure to ask about times where projects went wrong.  Listen for how they resolved it and what the outcome was.  Ask if you can call that particular customer.

Selecting a quality Houston roofer can be a difficult task.  Numerous stories are abound of how homeowners get taken for quite a ride when trying to deal with roofing problems.  Schulte Roofing is a professional Houston roofer with over 100 years of combined roofing experience, serving Houston, TX and surrounding area.  If you are looking for more information about this particular project or would like to speak to a roofing specialist about your existing roofing warranty, contact Schulte Roofing today.