Learn About Different Roof Types and Their Common Issues!

When the time comes to have a new roof installed, there are many different options to consider. The covering of a home is a big part of its curb appeal, so a great time to change its appearance is when it must be replaced. The variety of choices available to replace old asphalt shingles can make a home to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Following are some of the different types to be considered for this major action.

  • Wood Shakes/Shingles – The oldest type of material is wood shakes or shingles that give a very rustic and classic look especially on an older home. Whether pine, cedar, or another type, they are beautiful and long-lasting if well maintained; however, there are some drawbacks. Wood is expensive and prone to mold, mildew and moss issues as well as insect infestation. If it becomes damp and mildewed, a quick replacement will be needed to maintain its integrity to improve its ability to last.
  • Clay Tiles – For a classic European or southwestern type of look, clay or ceramic tiles are a durable and efficient material that had thermal properties to save money on cooling bills. Available in many styles and colors, it can give a really distinctive look to a common-looking home and fall into a middle range for cost and durability. Ceramic tiles are also fireproof, making them an ideal option for homes located in wildfire prone areas. Their main downside is that tiles can crack and break, especially if struck by debris.
  • Slate – This classy looking material has been around for a very long time. It is durable against weather, rot, mold, infestations and other types of corrosion and can last well over fifty years if properly maintained. It can be stained with different colors and shaped in various ways. There are some downsides to slate for the average person. It is extremely heavy which limits the structures that can hold it and is one of the most expensive materials. Shingles can be damaged and fall as well as frequently crack under foot which makes repair work especially difficult.
  • Concrete Tiles – One of the new options is Concrete tiles and shingles are a newer option that are now produced with the addition of fiberglass making it extremely durable, efficient and attractive. It can be made to resemble ceramic tile, wood, and slate; when processed this way, it can be molded, colored and produced to match different specifications. It is thermo-efficient, fire-resistant and much more economical than ceramic tile or slate; however, it is heavy which may be a limiting factor for certain homes.
  • Metal – Today’s metal roofs are extremely versatile, beautiful, lightweight and economical. Constructed from copper, aluminum and different grades of steel, metal sheeting can be made to look like almost any other substance. It can be coated in a variety of colors, is corrosion resistant, and has a life expectancy of fifty plus years. Metal is easily installed and quickly repaired, is fireproof, practically maintenance-free, and provides great thermo-efficiency when properly insulated. One important factor to keep in mind is that it should be installed by an experienced roofer who has previously worked with this material because if not properly installed, it can sustain considerable wind damage. Although initially more expensive than some other materials, it will outlast most others by many years.

With so many colors, styles and materials to choose from, it is possible to completely transform the look of a home by installing a different roof. Using some of these ideas can make any house stand out in the neighborhood and increase its property value as well. Therefore, before replacing a roof with the same black or gray shingles, investigate what is new and different that a nearby roofing company can offer and will surely be well worth the effort!

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