Synthetic Roofing Shingles – Built Stronger to Last Longer!

Compared to the materials used in home construction decades ago, the standard for most home construction materials these days has increased dramatically in terms of style and durability. Today, synthetic or man-made materials are becoming a popular component of home construction. One good example is the development of synthetic roofing shingles that are made to mimic natural wood color. When compared with real wood or asphalt roofing shingles, synthetic roofing materials have the advantage with their longer life span and low cost for an average Conroe roof.

Synthetic Material Usage Applications

Application of synthetic materials for home construction doesn’t just end with the roof. Today, various manufacturers are racing to create new and better products from non-natural materials. Some that are already available in the market include fiberglass doors, urethane millwork and vinyl windows. Although wood still remains the popular building material, these synthetic materials like fiberglass, PVC, and vinyl have a promising advantage over wood.

Extreme Weather Benefits

Materials used for home construction are subjected to the elements for several decades. Repeated exposure to rain, snow and heat would eventually take its toll on the material of the roof. Although wood is a strong material, it is not exempted to the damage caused by extreme weather conditions. When wood is exposed to moisture or gets soaked in water or snow, water will slowly begin to break it down and eventually cause the wood to decay. The advantage of synthetic construction material is that it is not affected by moisture nor extreme temperatures. As a result, it has a longer life span than wood.

Insect Damage Benefits

Another common problem with wood is its susceptibility to damage caused by insect infestation. One of the known causes of wood damage is termites. Termites can easily bore their way into the wood structure and damage it as they go. Although wood can be treated to ward off termites, synthetic materials offer far better protection since it doesn’t attract termites or any other organism that would cause damage.

Warranty Benefits

Aside from the durability of synthetic construction materials, most of the synthetic products available in the market today come with warranties. It’s a benefit that wood products don’t normally offer. The warranty that comes with synthetic material is a guarantee that the product is meant to last long. For example; there are polymer roofing tiles available in the market today that come with a 50-year warranty. This is an excellent way for a buyer to know that it is a quality material.

Using synthetic home construction material such as polymer roofing tiles, fiberglass doors, urethane ceiling beams and vinyl windows is one of the ways that the roof and the life of a home can be extended. Not only will these materials reduce the building cost; it will also eliminate the need for costly maintenance and repair of these parts over the life-time of the building. These synthetic products are indeed built strong to last long!