Don’t Let Myths About Metal Roofs Mislead You!

Houston_RoofWhile metal is already a popular roofing material in various countries, it has just began to gain popularity here in the United States. Considering that most roofs here are built using individual shingles such as asphalt, it is not surprising that there are some misconceptions about this new product.

So the question is what really is true about metal roofs and what it is not. Following are some answers to some of the common misconceptions surrounding this product.


  • Noisy – Due to metal’s high resonance properties, it is commonly believed that this type of roof is noisy, particularly during rain or strong winds. While it is true that the material can be noisy in these situations, it is only true with old systems. The modern method of installation makes use of a thick underlayment along with a solid decking as well as the use of thick fiber insulation to further dampen the noise that may be generated.
  • Corrosion – While it is true that galvanized steel is prone to corrosion, modern metal panels come pre-coated to protect against rusting. Some materials such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel are corrosion-proof so applying a protective coating is only optional.
  • Lightning – Although metal is more prone to lightning strikes than other material, this only occurs if it is located at the highest point of an area such as on a tower. A device that stops lightning can be installed to provide additional protection to the building. There is also no risk of the structure catching fire in case lightning does occur since the material is completely fireproof.
  • Hot – Metal has poor insulation properties, which is why many believe that indoor temperatures will be as hot or as cold as the outdoors if this material is used. This is not the case since proper insulation can effectively separate the temperature in the living space from the outside temperature. It is highly reflective, which means it can effectively dissipate heat rather than absorb it.


  • Cost Effective – This kind of material is the most cost effective one currently on the market as it has a considerably longer life span up to as much as eighty years. It is almost comparable to slate in terms of longevity, yet at a cost that is lower than the average asphalt shingles considering the life span of the material and low maintenance requirements.
  • Durable – The inherent durable characteristics of metal is also available as a roofing product. Although the panels come in thin sheets, it still maintains its shape with the help of corrugation. It is ideal for use in hail-prone and windy areas where conventional shingles can easily break or fly off.
  • Lightweight – When installing metal roofs, there is no need for elaborate support structures since galvanized steel is thin and lightweight.
  • Maintenance Free – Metal structures are almost maintenance free. They are not prone to moss or algae infestations, are not get easily blown off by strong winds, and do not curl from extreme heat. The only required maintenance for a full service life is a regular coating of paint to prevent corrosion.

In summary, metal roofs may be relatively new here in the United States, yet they already have an established reputation abroad. They are cost effective, durable, and low-maintenance system. Hopefully this article has helped debunk some of the myths surrounding this material and has highlighted its true advantages!

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