Dormers Made for College Station Roofing

dormer window done in college station roofing

Dormers are structural components of a building that appears to protrude out of the roof, usually towards the street (when viewing the front house).  In College Station roofing dormers are usually accompanied by window, like the image above.  Dormers are commonly installed during the initial home construction, but are often added later, to increase space and aesthetic appeal.  Because of modern architecture and advancements in new technology, there are many dormer types that can be used on most residential homes.

Dormers with Curves

Common dormers to see on roofs are arched top dormers and eyebrow dormers.  Arched top dormers originated in France and popularized by many who studied at top Architectural school between the 1920’s and 1940’s.

Eyebrow dormers look similar to arched top except their arch flattens out to run parallel to the ground, resembling an eyebrow.

Gable Type Dormers

Gabled dormers have a peak at the top and its own roof that slopes downward around the window.  This dormer type is one of the most common dormers, not just on roofs in College Station, TX, but all over the world because of how compatible it is with so many different types of roofing systems.

Flared Gable dormers are another type of gable dormer.  The main distinguishing difference between gable type dormers and flared dormers are that flared dormer roofs flare out to meet the rest of the homes roof, while a normal gable dormer simply slopes downward to meet the roof.

Pedimented dormers are also similar to gable dormers, following the same concept of a peak at the top.  However, pedimented dormers focuses on a triangular shape with brick columns surrounding the actual window, made to simulate ancient Greece-like look.  The columns do not necessarily look like type Greek columns, but are instead often brick laid in a manner to give that appearance.

Hipped Dormers

Hipped dormers are found on hipped roofs because of their unique shape.  As a hipped dormer rise out of the main roofing portion, it slants back, and on both sides of the window.  When hipped dormers create a 45° with the roof they are built on, they are called pyramidal.  The pyramidal shape is apparent from the outside because two windows are usually installed, allowing view in multiple directions from inside the home.

Unusual Dormers Seen in College Station

In central College Station, two different apartment communities use unusual dormer types.  The first is considered a wall dormer because the dormer window comes directly off of a wall, not a roof.  The second is a steep roof shed, where the dormer is fit into a mansard roof with steep pitch.  The top of the roof has a slight grade, like a flat roof, that allows fully useable attic space.

One of the most popular reasons to add dormers to your roofing system is to add more space in your home.  Dormers also had a stately and aesthetically pleasing appearance to your home and roof.  Additionally, just about every roof in College Station has a matching dormer type that can be easily installed.  If you are considering dormers for your existing home or new construction project, contact Schulte Roofing for the best dormer type for your roof.