Getting Attractive Tax Rebates While Keeping Your Home Cool

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Tax rebates are considered very lucrative way of saving hard earned money directly. Government provides many tax rebate schemes for those households who take measures to lessen the usage of electricity by either employing solar power harnessing schemes or by using energy efficient construction materials and items. CertainTeed provides scientific roofing solutions that are proven to be energy efficient for your homes. The Solaris Shingles energy efficient roofing solution projected by the CertainTeed is indeed commendable because it will help in keeping your home interior portion a few degrees cooler.

These Solaris Shingles by CertainTeed will help you in getting yourself listed in the eligibility list of those citizens who can qualify for awesome tax rebates along with some other incentives from the Government. The trademark roof cooling advanced technology has been employed in the manufacturing of Solaris Shingles roofing material. This technologically advanced Solaris Shingles will help in blocking the heat penetration into your home. You can be fully ensured that using CertainTeed’s Solaris Shingles will help you in saving a lot of money that goes into taxes. That’s because this roofing solution Solaris Shingles is marked and qualified as the energy efficient material.

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Almost all the green energy saving programs that have been put forth by the Government approve of the CertainTeed’s Solaris Shingles because the energy saving capability of the Solaris roofs have been checked thoroughly.

The general roof shingles that are available easily in the market may be very cost effective and cheap, but you would have to spend a lot of money is roof repairing every year. But the Solaris Shingles or the Landmark roof shingles are built up of high performance materials that make it much more durable. Advanced light reflection technology has been used in the manufacturing of these Solaris Shingles. The material of the roof is prepared in a special manner in which the heat and sun’s rays that are falling on your home would be reflected back to the atmosphere. This roof material’s heat reflection technology will help in prohibiting your home from absorbing high atmospheric heat.

This in turn will prove helpful in the amount of electricity costs involved. That’s because you would be able to run the air conditioner with much lesser power consumption. The CRRC council that rates the home construction materials about their energy saving efficiency has highly rated these Solaris roof shingles. The law term known as `Term 24’ in the California state clearly puts forth the most important requisites for heat control of the roof. These Solaris Shingles fulfill all those required criteria of energy efficient materials. So, lawfully you would be entitled to many tax rebates and other types of incentives if you purchase this advanced scientific solution.

Many electricity consumption saving programs like LEED etc approve of these Landmark Solaris Shingles and you would get good credit score too depending upon the area covered by these shingles. For those people who can’t compromise on the beauty of their house would be glad to know that this highly affordable roof shingle material can be bought in various colors too apart from the conventional dark grey color. These roof shingles can be bought from CertainTeed in various other colors too. All these colored roofing materials have equal capabilities of sunlight reflectance and heat rejection.

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These shingles come with 5-10 year warranty and they can be used for commercial as well as housing complexes. Both steep slope type roof shingles and low slope type shingles can be bought from CertainTeed in affordable pricing depending upon the amount of roof area that needs to be covered. Many types of roof shingles like Flintglas Cap, Flintlastic GMS etc can be bought which can provide roof coverage for about 100 square feet area.

The Flintlastic GTS can cover about 75 square feet of roof area. All these roof shingles have the highly accredited rating of Energy Star which proves their usefulness in getting tax rebates for commercial as well as residential properties in Houston. These high performance Solaris Shingles provide the perfect ecological solution for profitably reducing the electricity consumption and help you in doing your bit to protect the earth. Demand Solaris Shingles from your Conroe roofer.