Save Your Garden’s Beauty – Green Roof Your Garden Shed!

There are a hundred ways to beautify a garden and give it a natural look. When everything else is picture perfect, one part of the garden that doesn’t Houston Rooferblend in easily is the garden shed. The size and the color of the shed can easily ruin a picture perfect garden. So what can be done to make the shed fit into the garden theme? Call a Houston roofer to do it for you? Repainting or relocating it to another place on the property is a possibility; an easier and more creative solution would be to cover that ugly garden shed roof with green roofing!

What is Green Roofing?

Green roofing doesn’t involve painting the shed’s roof green. It is actually much more interesting than that! This unique type of roofing involves literally putting a layer of soil and plant life on top of that garden shed roof. Although it is uncommon to see structures with this type of roofing these days, it was the most popular roof system during the time of the Vikings and well into the Middle Ages. Today, modern homes in many European countries have adopted green roofing due to the aesthetic qualities offered as well as additional benefits.

Green roofing can be applied not just on houses but on any structure with a sloping roof including garden sheds, playhouses, and log cabins – even dog houses! The most obvious benefit from implementing this green covering is the aesthetics that it offers. The green sod that follows the curvature of the roof can readily compliment the beauty of any garden. Instead of being an eyesore, that functional shelter can draw curiosity as well as make the garden look coordinated.

Extend the Life of the Garden Shed

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, implementing green roofing also helps extend the life of that garden shed. The thin layer of earth and sod sits on top of a thin layer of water proof material. The water proof material serves as a protection for the roof. Water collected on the sod will simply slide off via a drainage membrane without damaging the actual roof layer.

Environmental Benefits

There are also environmental benefits of having a green roof. Planting more green things, no matter how large or how small, improves the quality of the air that we breathe. The addition of a green roof will improve the biodiversity of a garden by attracting beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees and even birds. During the rainy season, the thin layer of soil on the roof also serves as a natural filter to absorb any impurities from rain water and releases it to its purest form.

Implementing green roofing on a garden shed is a creative way to beautify a garden. Keep in mind that when installing a green roof, it is very important to determine the structural capacity of the roof of the shed as well as the shed itself. The weight of the plants and earth as well as the rain water can stress the roof structure of the shed which could lead to collapse. Once the weight bearing capacity of the roof structure has been determined, everything else is as easy as laying all the materials in place.

Improve the look and ecology of your garden for all the right reasons – for the ‘green’ reasons! If you can’t do it yourself, call a Houston roofer – or you can DIY this project and save money. Either way, you will love the result and be helping ecology efforts at the same time!