Houston Roofing Contractors Explain Framing!

Roof framing is a challenging job. Like surgeons, all cuts should be accurate to achieve the desired result. Many Houston roofing contractors agree that roof framing requires more skills and knowledge compared to any other framing activities. There are several roof styles and mathematical equations carpenters have to use in order to build a wonderful house. Many experienced home builders admit even master carpenters who build different roofs are not experts in roof framing. This only confirms that the fine art of wood cutting is hard to master.

Simple Craft to Master

The craft of roof framing happened several years ago. Many tricks and refinements require long years of experience to master; however, some basic roof framing tricks can take only half an hour to master. The level of difficulty in framing depends largely on the roof. Many homeowners want to combine multiple roof types in a single roof. One of the most common is a hipped-roof mixed with gable dormers.

Framing Determines Roof Shape

The assembly of one or two roof types is one of the key elements in creating the architectural design of a house and oftentimes makes the craft difficult. Hips, overhangs and dormers add to its framing intricacies. Roof shapes command a degree of difficulty and will confirm the amount that should be spent for the building of the entire roofing structure. Gables, flat or shed roof types are more affordable; however, a combination of these is relatively expensive. Generally, shed is the easiest roof type to assemble.

Framing Factors

To create a beautiful architectural design, Houston roofing contractors must take into account several factors.

  • Architectural parameter – This includes building height, geographical location, materials to use for building construction, additional corners, and valleys.
  • Advanced Technology – Roof framing should be built using advanced techniques. Applied roofing technology determines the strength of the trusses to support all the roofing materials when they are ready to install.
  • Attic – In crafting roof shape, the carpenter should consider the attic since it can be used as a living room or just a simple storage room.
  • Skylights – This added structure creates a weak spot, so the carpenter must ensure that the framing is strong enough to support the additional structure.
  • Materials to use – There are several types of materials that can be used for crafting roof framing. Materials vary from plastics, metals, and solid woods and the latter is the material of choice by most roofers.

Roof framing ranges from simple to complex. Houston roofing contractors must have knowledge on framing irregularities and different roof shapes and the required knowledge for this kind of endeavor can’t be acquired overnight. Lawyers and physicians spend several years perfecting and learning their necessary job skills; the craft of roof framing needs the same time to master. With the modern advances in roof technology, ways were discovered to easily calculate and cut the desired length of rafters by determining the roof pitch and building line. Framing is not hard; however, it does require learning and practice to excel!