Important Roofing Repair Reality Facts!

Roofs are designed to protect a building from the outside elements as well as to complement the building style.Houston Roof This is evident by the elaborate styles found on classic homes. Even modern design uses the roof as an element to express creativity.

Because of round-the-clock exposure to harsh elements, a roof will eventually begin to deteriorate and evidence of such changes will eventually become more obvious. Extreme heat, strong wind, hail, and snow will eventually take a toll on the material. When a roof’s condition has reached a breaking point, the only route to be taken is replacement. Following is important information about the reality of roof reconstruction.

Finding a Contractor

Whether damage is incurred through the natural process of deterioration or due to forces of nature, roof repair is a costly undertaking, causing some inconvenience while the replacement process is on-going. One way to minimize the impact of this is to rely upon the services of a professional and competent contractor.

The replacement process begins by finding a competent contractor to perform the work. It is essential to get a competent roofer as the quality of the finished product lies at the hands this person. If satisfied with the quality of the old roof, a prior contractor can be hired and eliminate having to look for a new one; it is more common to have to find a competent contractor by visiting firms in the nearby area.

An easy way to find a contractor is through referrals. Acquaintances and relatives may have recently had the same type of project done and can provide details of that contractor if satisfied with the outcome. Construction contractors and architects could also provide recommendations.

Before hiring anyone, ask to be provided with examples of previous work and inspect the quality. Make sure that the contractor is skilled at the type of roof to be installed by inspecting similar work. Every potential contractor should provide a quote with a specific breakdown of costs and verify that the quote is for quality material not substandard substitutes.


One of the biggest concerns about a roof replacement project is the cost. While the installation of a new roof will definitely be costly, it does not have to be extremely expensive. The final decision about cost will be up to building owner, based on how much will be spent on the project. Aspects of the project cost will include material, area to be replaced, and completion time.

  • Material – There are many materials that can fit almost any budget. For example, if the only concern is quality and beauty, authentic slate shingles cost around $30 to $50 per square foot. For a limited budget, faux slate made from a synthetic material is also an option for a cost of $7 to $10 per square foot. Owners looking for a balance between longevity and cost can choose metal panels ranging fro, $4 to $7 per square foot.
  • Roof Area – Another factor that dictates the cost of such a project is the area of the roof. Although a constant figure, the actual area should be computed by measuring the length and width of each area and multiplying those figures; for roofs including separate areas, compute each area separately and add up those figures to arrive at an accurate computation. This will allow for a sound decision to be made in choosing the type of material that will fit the budget.
  • Length of Completion – It is important to know how long such a project will take, as it could take weeks to complete depending on the area of the roof and the amount of labor used on the job. If weather is not an issue, there should be no need to pay extra for rapid completion of the job; however, in locations where weather could be an issue – or if the work must be done immediately – some additional money may be required for the contractor to use more-than-normal laborers in order to complete the work in a very short time as roof replacement is very labor-intensive.

A roof replacement project can be stressful; however, proper planning and preparation can help offset any problems – that is the truthful roof replacement reality!

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