Learn Important Facts About Re-Roofing!

Most people think that replacing a roof is as simple as hiring a contractor and expecting a functional roofHouston_Roofing_Repair as a result; unfortunately, this is not always the case. While it may work some of the time, hiring a contractor without any research will not guarantee a quality and long lasting result and could even have costly negative consequences. Following are some important tips that should be known before tackling a roofing repair or replacement project.

Low Quotes

A priority for this type of project is to find the lowest quote. This is understandable, since such a project could cost a few thousand dollars even when using ordinary shingles. It is important to keep in mind that a low quote does not always mean a positive outcome as attempts to cut corners to increase a profit margin especially in the area of material quality will undoubtedly reduce the work quality.


Getting a quality roof starts with hiring a good contractor; one of the best ways to find one is by searching locally. There are several reasons for doing this, including the ability to view previous jobs and prompt handling of any warranty issues. With every repair or replacement job, there should be a warranty from the contractor who performed the work. Hiring a local contractor means being able to get in touch with them should any problems arise with their work.

Although it is a common practice for roofing contractors to go door-to-door seeking work especially after a storm, this should really be avoided as there are some companies who offer services and are not qualified to do the job at all. If there is an installation problem, it could void the manufacturer’s warranty and result in even more expenses rather than savings.

Be sure to ask for a written document stating that the individual or company is a certified roofer in the state where service is being offered. Ask for a phone number and physical office address for any contact purposes – and be sure that information is valid before paying for any work. Ask for client references to get feedback from previous customers and inspect the quality of the that work in person if possible.


Before the job begins, a thorough inspection of the roof should be done. Be wary about any contractor who provides a quote without examining the actual damage, as an accurate quote is not possible without seeing the damage and measuring the roof. Such an action could lead to an over or under estimate amount, neither of which are financially sound. If climbing onto the roof is not possible to see the damage, take photos or videos of the damage and do not hesitate to ask about any available options.

Always request an itemized estimate to review material cost and labor costs separately; this is the only way to be sure of the quality of the materials that will be used on the project. Be wary of contractor grade materials, which are low quality but favored by builders to increase the profit margin. Materials that are critical materials to the ultimate lasting power of the roof are: decking or the plywood going over the joists; underlayment; flashing; and shingles. All of these materials are measured based on thickness, and a thick gauge is always a better choice.

There are also small components that should not be missing on the list of materials to be installed, including: a drip edge running on all sides of the decking to protect it from water and ice; water shields for snow-prone areas to prevent water infiltration should damming occur; and metal flashing.

It is important to remember that a quality roofing project should not be left to chance. There are various ways of be sure that the quality level is appropriate to the monetary investment. Find a quality contractor, be on hand to oversee the project, and the effort will certainly pay off in the long run!

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