Have You Considered Wide Span Metal Roofing?

There is a great selection of materials available for roofs that offer durability; however, the details, life spanRoof_Houston and other important features of such material should be known in order to fulfill most expectations. This will make it easier make the best selection for the job. It should prove helpful to read the following information about the wide span of metal roofing materials available.

New Products

Products available today eliminate two major drawbacks of conventional metal material. These drawbacks include: panels needing to be attached through the decking which involves washers, screws, and sealant, leaving penetration points requiring a lot of subsequent maintenance; and a procedure that is very slow since standing seams fold which requires crimping to be done between panels which means that labor costs comprise eighty percent of the installation price.

Newer, cold-rolled products have eliminated the laborious requirements mentioned above. The edges of the panels have standing seam designs that snap and lock, serving as a hidden fastener saving money on installation costs and maintenance labor. This feature provides better durability and enhances the appearance of the material.

New Features

In the factory, each sheet is molded to 22 to 26 gauge steel panels with a finish made of fluorocarbon. This finish typically has a twenty year guarantee while the steel panel alone can be expected to last for a minimum of forty years or longer. The finished sheet can have a width of 18 to 28 inches with up to a 45-foot length, and each one is rolled for easy transportation.

On one border is a male assembly while on the other edge is a female assembly which, when clicked into place, creates the standing seam. To prevent water penetration, one side of this lock has a sealant which is applied at the factory. The male edge has clips which are concealed when the next panel is clicked into place and the seam’s interlocking pattern allows for the successive panel to be attached.

New Benefits

Even with a longer life cycle in comparison to shingles, wide span metal roofing can be much more expensive than the more conventional shingles; however, there are other benefits in utilizing this type of material including fire resistance, durability and appearance.

This product, along with its accessories, are readily available throughout the United States. Therefore, it is wise to discuss the use of metal for any type of roofing project with an installation professional who can address the many options available. This will help ensure that wide span metal roofing can offer the kind of protection it was meant to for any type of structure!

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