Metal Roofing and Stainless Steel – A Wise Choice!

Metal roofing is a very cost effective material due to its reasonable cost and unparalleled durability. If Houston_Roofing_Repaircorrosion is a concern, there is stainless steel – which is rust proof, should not require repair, and can literally last a lifetime.


Like the shiny silver-like eating utensils found in most homes, a stainless steel roof has nearly identical properties as it is non-corrosive and retains luster throughout its lifetime. While this material consists of iron which is prone to oxidation when exposed to air and water, its non-corrosive property is achieved through the addition 10.5 percent of Chromium 1, creating a highly corrosive-resistant alloy.

Once the metal is exposed to oxygen, it activates a protective layer of chromium-rich oxide to prevent rust. If the layer is damaged either mechanically or chemically, the exposure of the metal alone would activate another layer of protection. This unique characteristic makes it a very valuable metal even for sensitive applications such as medical equipment.


Using stainless steel has so many advantages over other more conventional material. Its non-corrosive properties can provide long-term benefits that cannot be found with any other roofing system.

  • Cost Effective – Installing this substance is never the cheapest option due to both material and labor costs; however, considering the large savings from costly repairs, maintenance costs and possible even replacement, it is definitely worth the initial expense.
  • Solar Reflectance – One of the valuable characteristic of a roof is its ability to reflect rather than absorb the sun’s heat. This is usually achieved by the reflectance value of the material which is an important feature of stainless steel.
  • Non-Corrosive – The problem with most metal is that it corrodes and will require regular painting. On the other hand, stainless steel is inherently non-corrosive and durable; it is a material that is made to outlast others.
  • Low Maintenance – Metal requires very little maintenance and only requires occasional repainting; however, with stainless steel even repainting is no longer necessary. This make it literally maintenance free.
  • Stylish – There are many options in terms of style. The silver-like profile is already in itself elegant; however, it is also possible to paint the surface with any color choice.
  • Recyclable – At some point in time, if it is decided to replace an older stainless steel housetop, it has the advantage of being one hundred percent recyclable and reusable in many different ways. So it will be very ecologically conscious to know the old material will not end up in a land fill.
  • Fire Resistant – One of the characteristics of building material sought for by manufacturers for building protection is fire resistance; metal is completely fireproof. It will not catch on fire and is not combustible, providing a vast improvement with a building’s fire protection.

Deciding on a stainless steel roof is a wise choice to make. Keep in mind that it is not just about looks; this metal material has one of the highest ratings in terms of being cost effective, durable, and recyclable. Hopefully this article has provided some helpful information regarding this type of metal roof and its many benefits.

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