Tips for Hiring a Metal Roofing Contractor!

Houston_Roofing_ContractorsMetal is one of the most durable roofing materials because it can last as long as 70 to 90 years regardless of the climate in which it is located. Despite its reliability, it only recently started gaining popularity in the United States due to the increasing cost of other conventional material. While metal clearly makes a good roof, it will take a little research to find a contractor that can install this type of roof

Structural Advantage

Many advantages come along with installing a metal roof. Listed below are a few of these benefits.

  • Lightweight – Conventional types of roofs made with shingles are thick and heavy in order to be durable; stronger trusses are then required to support the additional weight. While metal is a relatively heavy material, only a thin sheet is required to provide a sufficient amount of protection from extreme weather conditions so each metal panel is considerably lighter.
  • Inexpensive – Metal is considerably inexpensive when compared to most types of roofing primarily because it is recyclable and abundant. In contrast, asphalt is becoming more expensive due to the high price of crude oil.
  • Long Lasting – Another advantage of metal is its durability. With the proper application of primer, metal can resist rusting. It isn’t damaged by extreme heat from the sun or extreme cold during the winter. Once the paint strips off, maintenance is as easy as applying a new coat of paint.
  • Easy to Install – The ridges on metal roofing aren’t just for aesthetic purposes; it also provides structural integrity. The panel can be directly installed into the trusses without the need for decking to first be installed.
  • Wind Resistant – One of the biggest disadvantages to conventional shingles is that they are prone to breakage during heavy winds due to their brittleness. Metal on the other hand is strong enough to survive heavy wind. Despite the thinness of the metal, the corrugation that runs along the panel makes the material stiff enough to maintain its shape.
  • Energy Efficient – While metal is a good thermal conductor, steel roofing can still provide sufficient thermal protection during summer. A layer of reflective paint can be applied on its top side to reflect the heat during the day and prevent it from getting absorbed inside the living space.

How to Find a Contractor

It is important to find a contractor who knows to install metal roofing. Unlike conventional material, steel requires a different type of skill set. Employing the wrong person for the job could result in installation problems. Following are ways to find a competent contractor.

  • Ask Suppliers – A roofing supplier knows the contractors in a certain area and would surely have a list of contractors who use their supplies to replace roofs.
  • Local Architects and Engineers – Local engineers and architects who use metal roofs in their design are likely to have a list of contractors familiar with what needs to be done.
  • Family and Friends – A good person to ask is anyone who has just had a metal roof installed. If a good job was done, the name of that contractor would be a good person to contact.
  • Online Directory – Most contractors have their own website to market their services so be sure to check the internet for a list of metal roofing contractors. Check those name with the Better Business Bureau to be sure there are no complaints about the services of any of those contractors

Metal is a durable material, and comes highly recommended by most roofing contractors. Follow these simple tips when looking for a contractor to install a metal roof and the likelihood is that the best one can be found!

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