What Can Metal Roofing Do for You?

3It is important to protect the valuables that are inside of a building with a roof that not only provides beauty and savings but is constructed with material that can last a lifetime – and metal panels are being used more and more for just such roofing needs. This type of building covering comes in a variety of styles that can complement any structural design.

Basic Benefits

So when it is time to replace a roof or install a brand new one, it may be helpful to read some of the following benefits of using metal roofing material.

  • Eco-Friendly – Other materials such as asphalt shingles contribute annually to about twenty billion pounds of waste material sent to United States landfills. Using metal panels can help to decrease waste of material as well as contribution to country-wide trash piles. In additional, recycled components are used in the manufacture of this type of roof.
  • Durable – Metal roofs are made with high-quality material that can last for a long time. It can resist damage such as cracking, shrinking and eroding as well as withstand heavy snow, hail storms, hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.
  • Versatile – When first introduced, there were limited designs to fit the suburban home style. Producers saw the need for the product to resemble other types of materials in order to appeal to a wider market. As a result, now metal can have the appearance of slate, tile, cedar shakes, and many other different materials, providing a wide choice of colors and styles to fit any home design beautifully.

Lower Cost

Following are some of the reasons why this material is perfectly suited for almost any building, offering a much lower cost in comparison to the more commonly used asphalt shingles.

  • Recycled Elements – Thirty to sixty percent of recycled elements are used in metal roof products, which is why the price is lower in comparison to asphalt shingles which use petroleum. As the price of petroleum soars, so does the price of the shingles.
  • Heat Reflective – There are panels available with heat-reflective features and users can enjoy the energy tax credit law that took effect in 2006 for their use. In addition, this feature will also lessen energy bills, especially when living in warmer climates.
  • Insurance Discounts – The use of metal for roofs can also enjoy up to a thirty-five percent discount from insurance companies, as these panels can withstand hail damage and other harsh climate conditions. Many insurers are conducting studies on how this material can help protect houses located in hurricane-prone areas which could offer lower insurance premiums for residents.
  • Service Life – The service life of these panels can last two or more generations, saving owners premature replacement expense.
  • Installation – Metal panels can be installed directly over the old roofing system, eliminating the need for the high cost of a complete tear-off.

In conclusion, with all of the many benefits that metal panels have to offer, they can be a great advantage for anyone who is interested in saving money and energy to use them for their building coverings!

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