Woodlands Roof Company Debunks Fears of a Metal Roof

Common Fears

During the past twenty years more and more homeowners are upgrading their typical asphalt or composite roofs to metal. The consistent improvement of metal roofs has become cosmetically appealing along with a longer lifetime than that of composite roofs. Many buyers have fears and concerns over metal such as lightning strikes to the roof, expansion and contraction issues, rust and denting. However, with these past year’s improvements these issues can be laid to rest.

No Metal Expansion or Contraction

Concerns most buyers have with metal is expansion and contraction of the type of panels used to cover your home. However, there are various methods and products of metal roofing that prevent this. There is a variety of metal products that have no issue with expansion and contraction. Depending on the type of metal roofing you choose the contractor can easily adapt with the use of clip fasteners and accordion style folds in the metal to adjust to expansion and contraction. With the use of an experienced contractor expansion and contraction will not be an issue for the buyer. Another issue that rises with a metal roof is cosmetic, denting.

Not Easily Dented

Some people believe that since it is metal it will dent like your car or like a tin can when crushed. However, with the durability to withstand harsh weather, the metal roof is not easily dented like a car would be in a hail storm. This fear is brought on with the idea that the metal roof is simply a tin roof. This is not the case. There are numerous types of metals and alloys used to construct a metal roof, such as galvanized steel, aluminum roofs, tin, and copper. The types of metal roofs are not your typical barn house roof. These will last for your lifetime without the fear of denting. Metal roofs are designed to withstand high winds in a thunderstorm but—what about lightning strikes?

Don’t Fear Lightning

Many potential buyers of metal roofs bring this concern to their contractors. However, having a metal roof will not increase the likelihood of your home being struck by lightning. In fact, if your home were hit by lightning the metal would absorb the energy and disperse it throughout the structure. Since metal roofing is not combustible or flammable, it is low risk. The benefits of a metal roof will calm your nerves when significant weather occurs. Metal roofs are proven to last much longer than the typical composite roof, however, most buyers are concerned about rust.

Longer Lasting

Today, metal roofs are built to last and withstand nature’s harsh realities. Metal roofing has a metallic coating that prevents rust. It is made of either zinc or a combination of zinc and aluminum that is bonded to the metal in the factory. Rust will not be an issue on your roof, which is also painted to match your home.

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These fears of metal roofs are not to be of concern with the advancements made in the last twenty years. Metal roofs have consistently been proven to withstand harsh weather, nature’s causes of rust, denting and expansion and contraction issues. The metal roof will provide your home with a cosmetic appeal while preventing damage to your home. If you would like to learn more about metal roofing, you should contact a professional Woodlands Roof  Company like Schulte Roofing for all the tough answers.