Solar Roofing Has Been Around Long Before Elon Musk

Before Elon Musk conceptualized SolarCity, other manufacturers were busy making solar shingles and systems for roofs. These professional solar roofing companies have evolved their state-of-the-art products over the years to keep up with the latest solar technology. Due to this strategic business practice, the following companies have a proven track record of quality service and customer satisfaction.


The first company on our list was founded in 1904 and was originally known as General Roofing Manufacturing Company. Since then, CertainTeed has perfected their patented roofing techniques. Now, CertainTeed incorporates this experience into today’s business practices when installing their innovative solar panel technology. CertainTeed’s solar solutions provide customers with a renewable energy system that is backed by a 25 year warranty and over 110 years of roofing experience.

A high-efficiency solar panel system that noticeably reduces the payback time. Solstice® can be personalized to meet each customer’s needs based on size, color, panel type, and more. This innovative module was designed by CertainTeed to capitalize on the available roof space without sacrificing integrity or payback duration.

Apollo II Shingles
The Apollo® II Shingles system was engineered to capture the most energy per square foot of a roof. This system functions as an electricity generator and as a roof. The Apollo® II uses monocrystalline silicon solar cells to capture solar energy without besmirching the aesthetic beauty of a home. With an all black solar shingle layer covering the roof, the Apollo® II will hardly be noticeable to onlookers. These lightweight solar shingles are strong enough to withstand 250 pounds per square foot and 150 miles per hour wind.

Apollo® Tile II
Akin to the Apollo® II Shingles, the Apollo® II Tiles capitalize on the existing roof space exceptionally. This is a viable option for those who do not find the look of a shingled roof appealing. Apollo® II Tiles have a concrete appearance and are available in a variety of colors.


For a dedicated solar solution manufacturer, check out SunTegra. This solar solution company was originally known as Integrated Solar Technology. SunTegra was founded by Oliver Koehler, a former BP Solar and SunPower employee. Koehler believes in maximizing the potential of solar roofing by incorporating his business experience into the following SunTegra’s products.

SunTegra™ Solar Shingle
This low-profile SunTegra solar solution functions as a solar panel and a protective roof. SunTegra’s patented installation process makes the shingles blend in seamlessly with the roofline while maintaining architectural integrity. SunTegra’s Solar Shingle’s use the TegraVent technology to provide customers with supreme energy ratings.

SunTegra™ Solar Tile Roof Systems
To seamlessly attach solar tiles onto the roof of a house, consider using the SunTegra Solar Tile Roof System. This solar solution works well with sloped roofs or commercial buildings.


Another great company that can deliver quality solar solutions is SolarWorld. This company is one of the largest solar technology producers in the world. SolarWorld has been manufacturing solar panels in the United States for over 40 years. Their superb history of success has made them one of the go-to companies for solar solutions today. SolarWorld prides themselves on being considered a ‘pioneer in solar energy’ and with good reason: their solar panel technology meets or exceeds every environmental standard to-date.

SolarWorld’s Sunmodule®
These solar panels are suitable for all applications thanks to the correct spacing of each solar cell and an enhanced design that was engineered for success. This base model for SolarWorld’s solar solutions displays their patented dull corners, which make it possible for each panel to be self-cleaning.

SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus
This SolarWorld solar roofing option enhances the Sunmodule technology by making it customizable. Two formats are available: white for higher power output or a sleek all black for a camouflaged appearance. Both options generate electricity effectively, reliably, and efficiently.

Sunmodule XL Solar Panels
For maximum renewable energy output, consider the Sunmodule XL Solar Panels. After these are installed on a rooftop, customers can expect to receive a 30% higher power rating than compared to other 60-cell modules. The XL can produce this impressive energy level due to its 72-cell design, dull corners, and intricate design.

If you are thinking about incorporating a renewable energy source into your home, contact any of the aforementioned solar roofing companies. Each company has withstood the test of time by providing customers with an outstanding experience.