Your Roof Needs Spray-on Solar Panels!

Roof_Company_HoustonResearch is done regularly to try to discover ways to convert a particular raw element a useable ingredient that can be used for a greener and cleaner environment. One of the breakthrough concepts in the roofing industry is the creation of photovoltaic cells to capture heat energy from the sun; this converts the power of the sun into electricity by harnessing infrared rays.

This new technology is already in the limelight of media and industry because of the sun’s importance as an alternative source of energy. With such a goal to advance technology, new steps have been taken by scientists, theorists, and chemical engineers to develop a spray-on solar panel which can be applied to existing roofs by a trained roof company contractor.

Latest Technology

It is common knowledge that the planet earth has an abundant amount of sunlight. Further, it is believed that infrared rays provide a large amount of clean and renewable energy; however, the challenge is how to transform this raw element into a usable form. Engineers have been able to find solutions to this existing dilemma by developing technologies for energy sustainability; currently, engineers are designing sophisticated photovoltaic products that can be diffused into a solvent to produce ‘paint’. These products are extracted from several elements such as copper, indium, gallium, selenide and are often called ‘CIGS nanocrystals’. The paint made in this fashion can be applied to existing roofs and is very flexible; it can also be used in plastic, metal, glass, vehicle bodies, and fabric as a new method to produce solar cells that can capture infrared waves.

Another spray-on technology is the colloidal quantum dot (CQD) solar cells which utilize nano-material semiconductors to generate electricity. While CIGS nanocrystals have a higher efficiency in converting electricity, CQD cells have lower efficiency due to the negative impact of electron flow. With this in mind, another approach must be found to improve efficiency levels. The latest outcome is an added 6 percent that garnered the highest electrical current conversion given by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory and is considered a significant development.

Level of Efficiency

Spray-on solar technology is still trying to enhance its efficiency. Currently, it is manufactured to be lightweight, durable, cleaner, and cost-effective compared to conventional photovoltaic cells. When compared to the first solar cells that were produced, there is seen an approximate 15 percent improvement. The ability to harness infrared rays is better than conventional cells and can produce adequate electricity. This newer process has fewer problems because the materials can be readily sprayed on any exposed surface and will not only capture visible light but infrared waves as well; so even on cloudy days, useable energy can be generated from this green material.

Consumer Impact

The development of newer efficient ways to produce solar panel efficiency is not only essential to manufacturers but also to consumers looking for an alternative electricity source. The latest breakthroughs offering lower priced material and fabrication supports that there is a practical application of this invention. The conventional photovoltaic cells are expensive and less efficient and have many drawbacks; however, the introduction of spray-on solar panels as a new source has proven to be highly efficient, economical and well-accepted since it can generate power even on a cloudy day.

These advancements can modify the present global energy needs through the development of solar cells that turn the sun’s energy into electrical power. It is even more exciting to realize that there is an even greater breakthrough regarding this process by the refinement of conventional material efficiency through spray-on paint solar panels. Composite material can be coated on the exterior surface of existing roofing materials to harness energy and supply the electricity needs of an entire building. Roofing technology has indeed made great advancements in solar cell technology through spray-on solar panels – and the future looks even brighter in this area!

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