The Long-Lasting Advantages of Tile Roofing!

College_Station_RooferEven though asphalt shingles have long been a staple in building construction, they are not necessarily the most attractive. Asphalt shingles are often rather plain when when offering a neat and tidy appearance when kept in good condition. Form, function and cost effectiveness often override style; however, if interested in adding style, ceramic or cement tiles may be a perfect option. They are more expensive but offer so many benefits that the increased cost may be well worth that extra expense.

  • Appearance – The first thing generally noticed about this type of roof is its striking look as it creates a certain character and atmosphere, something few others can do. Available as flat concrete as well as curved and corrugated texture, this type of roof is stately and implies great attention to every detail in the structure. Natural terracotta tiles are very popular and can also be painted to match any color scheme, making them more versatile and attractive; however, beauty is far from the only benefit to using this material on a roof.
  • Durable – As with any roofing decision, there are always questions about durability, thermal protection, weather and fire resistance among others. The good news is that cement and ceramic tiles seems to be a perfect material, and rightly so. Other than wood, clay/ceramic is one of the most used materials, having been used for centuries. With improvements in the manufacturing process adding more resistance to extreme temperature changes, this material is now highly appropriate. The main drawback is their weight, so a supporting structure needs to be solid enough to support that additional weight.
  • Fireproof – One of the most important points about the use of this material by in home construction is that these tiles are fireproof, so fire code requirements are passed with ease. Considering that most fires that are a result of wildfires start on the roof, a home that uses ceramic or clay will not be affected by floating embers as others would. If there is a fire, there is usually sufficient time to extinguish it before the entire structure is engulfed in flames.
  • Energy Efficient – Ceramic material is quite energy efficient due to the interesting ways in which it is affected by heat and cold. For especially hot climates, tiles that are specially glazed reflect the sun’s rays and prevent heat from penetrating the structure, keeping temperatures inside cooler. In colder climates, unglazed tiles absorb heat from the sun’s energy all day long, providing a thermal buffer for colder nights while slowly cooling, preventing heat inside the building from escaping.

The durability of this material is a roof with 50 years, an average length in modern applications, it can be a perfect energy efficient material. In addition, roofs made from this material can be used for the collection of rainwater as it is clear of the toxins found in many other materials.

Available in different colors, shapes, sizes and styles, it is possible to transform an ordinary house into a one-of-a-kind residence with a new tile roof. To learn more about this material, contact a local roofing contractor and find inspiration by looking through their gallery of completed homes. A typical home can become a work of art so the long-lasting advantages and positive benefits of using ceramic or cement tiles can greatly outweigh the higher initial cost!

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