Protect The Environment When Roofing A Building!

Houston_RoofPreserving the environment should everyone’s top priority, considering the impact that recent centuries have had on the earth and especially its atmosphere. So it should be in everyone’s best interest to preserve the earth and keep it habitable as long as possible. Efficient use of all resources is one way to preserve the environment and should be done at all times – even when choosing a roof.

Environmental Impact

Constructing a roof requires a vast amount of natural resources. From the timber used for framing to the cement and the shingles used – all these materials come from the planet on which we live. While most material such as wood is renewable, some supplies are not. Even renewable materials take time to be replenished and excessive consumption can lead to a supply shortage.

The choice of materials also has a direct impact on the environment. For example, non-recyclable and non-decomposing ones will eventually be found in a landfill, releasing harmful chemicals in the process which causes soil pollution and could take centuries to decompose. Some roofing substances can store thermal energy, which adds to the heat island effect in urban areas with a myriad of consequences. Before taking on this type of project, whether installing a new structure or replacing an old one, following are some things to be considered.

  • Re-purpose – When renovating or replacing an old house covering with cement or asphalt shingles, determine whether scraps can be reused for some other purpose. Some companies reuse cement and asphalt shingles for road construction, using recycling companies that sort the debris and then crush it to be used for road construction.
  • Recycle – Some materials, particularly metal and polyvinyl, are 100 percent recyclable. Instead of ending up in a landfill, they can be sorted after demolition and brought to recycling companies to be melted and recast for other useful products. Slate can also be recycled due to its considerably long lifespan. When ready to replace a slate housetop, it can be recycled by selling all remaining pieces. Due to the high cost of slate, many buyers would purchase it if still in a good, durable condition.
  • Repair – Eventually, the top of every house must be replaced when it reaches the end of its lifespan. It is also beneficial to consider repair rather than replacement if the structure is not near the end of its expected lifespan and is not suffering from any serious defects. Poor workmanship and severe weather can lead to problems; however such issues can be repaired without wasting precious resources.
  • Energy Efficiency – There is really no valid reason to avoid environmentally-friendly options. Many systems are geared towards improving efficiency while safeguarding the environment. A cool roof option can be considered, which consists of metal painted with a special coating to improve heat repellant properties. It is durable, recyclable and energy efficient.
  • Green Options – Another possible option would be a living or vegetative one. Vegetation is used instead of conventional materials, which is ideal for low slope applications. Although higher in cost, there are many benefits to the environment to be considered. It serves as effective insulation for both hot and cold weather and purifies the air by taking in CO2 and releasing oxygen. The layer of soil and plants acts as a sponge to purify rain run-off from harmful pollutants.

The environment is the responsibility of the entire human race; one way to protect it is through the sensible use of its resources. This can be effectively accomplished by implementing it in the building of buildings and roofs. Hopefully this article has provided some helpful information on the ways in which roofing material can affect the environment and how to use environmentally-friendly products to protect it!

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