Cost & Pricing

Don’t be Fooled, Understand Your Estimates!

Because of recent changes in some of the methods being used by contractors in roofing installation of a Woodlands home, owners are learningRoof_Houston_TX just how careful they must be before signing a contract to have their roof replaced or repaired. A few of these changes are the increased installation expenses, high-priced new materials or advanced roofing systems as well as the cost of labor. These are some of the items that are part of roofing contractor estimates. Therefore, it is imperative that homeowners possess the necessary knowledge about roof replacement or repairs and are able to understand a roofing estimate in order to avoid spending more money than is necessary.

Importance of Computing Roofing Estimates

Roofing projects are very expensive; therefore, it is important to get the proper estimate of the costs involved for the repairs necessary to fix the roof. The amount of the estimate is a strong indication of the extent of the repair as well as the amount of money it will cost to complete the job. In order to determine the proper repair cost, homeowners should start by getting several estimates from various Woodlands roofing companies. In doing this, the homeowner can compare the cost of labor and materials included in the repair. Knowing and understanding the cost is crucial to a homeowner’s selection of a reliable roofing contractor. The estimates given by roofing contractors will also help homeowners avoid costly mistakes.

Material Cost

The price of the roofing material should be included in an estimate. It is essential to ask the contractor for a list of the materials needed to finish the job. This list should contain: the kind of material to be installed; the color; reflective coatings (if applicable); roof ventilation; flashing; and skylights. The cost should be calculated of all the roofing material in order to have an accurate idea of the entire material cost that is required to complete the job. This can avoid disappointment when the roofing contractor gives them their roofing installation estimate.

Labor Cost

Labor costs vary from one region to another and are influenced by the pitch of the roof and the quality and types of material to be used. The cost is usually based on the entire roofing surface or roofing area; however, professional roofers compute the labor cost per 100 square feet. Therefore, if the roofing contractor gives a labor quote of $70 per 100 square feet, the homeowner should determine the surface area, divide it by 100 and then multiply it by $70. If the surface area is 900 square feet, that is divided by 100 square feet, and multiplied by $70, bringing a cost for labor of $630. It is extremely important that the homeowner clarify with the roofer how much the labor cost will be in order to complete the components necessary to compute the roofing estimate.

Roof Removal Cost

Homeowners also need to consider the cost for the removal of the old roof when estimating approximately how much it will cost to complete their roofing project. For any roof repair or replacement project, the removal of existing material is unavoidable and the removal cost should always be included on any estimate.

Homeowners need to know how to compute the figures and what makes up a roofing estimate to ensure that the amount of the estimate is closest to the desired cost for the roofing job. In order to avoid any surprises when it comes to a Woodlands roof homeowners should have a strong understanding of roofing materials and roofing estimates so they can choose the best contractor for the roofing project!