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Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value: The Customer Perspective

Based on the basic concept of supply and demand, Fair Market Value for
a roof is the lowest price a merchant will accept and the highest amount of money a homeowner is willing to pay for the service ( It’s a win-win for both the customer and the business offering a service because both are able to grow together, but it also means that in order for both sides to win, the cheapest price a homeowner is quoted for a new roof probably won’t be the best possible value for their dollar. Fair Market Value relates price to value and what you get for your money.

Fair Market Value: The Roofer Perspective

All employees in any job around the world expect to be paid Fair Market Value for the work they do. They want their experience, qualifications, and skills to match what they get paid based on what their peers are paid for similar work. It wouldn’t be fair to pay someone who is more-than-qualified and educated less than market value. This philosophy applies to roofers as well. Based on their education and experience, professional roofer’s will be paid Fair Market Value for the quality work they do, and they’ll do the work correctly the first time. The Fair Market Price ensures quality work.


Fair Market Value: The Local Business Perspective

Companies stay in business when they pay a Fair Market Price. Not overpaying or underpaying, but charging customers and paying workers exactly what is fair in terms of the market ensures business stability. The customers are happy because they aren’t overcharged and the quality of the service they pay for doesn’t suffer, and the company makes enough money to fairly pay their workers and stay in business. It also ensures that any warranty work or repairs that may be needed can be covered by the company as well. Everyone wins under Fair Market Value.

Local businesses fuel the local economy. These businesses thrive from their Fair Market Value business plan because their customers are happy and their employees are happy. Thriving business often give back to the community they support with scholarships, community event sponsorships, and donations to charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity.  For the local customer this means that the Fair Market Value gave them a good price for their roof, a quality roof, and allowed money to be circulated back into the local economy.

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Fair Market Value: The Workmanship Perspective

The customer could’ve opted for the cheapest quote offered for their roof, but by taking the Fair Market Price, they ensured the work was done right by qualified professionals who are getting paid a fair wage for their work. Less-experienced workers and cheap roofing companies will cut corners wherever necessary in order to give you your roof for the low-quoted price. They’ll skimp on materials, unbeknownst to the homeowner, in order to quote the work for less and get the job. They also violate manufacturer warranties by using these materials so they won’t have to come back and fix it later. A company who charges a Fair Market Price for the work provided might charge a little bit more for the services, but they’ll be paying a fair price for quality materials and quality workers in order to give you the best roof for your dollar and still make a profit themselves. They want the customers to be happy and understand that a happy customer feels they are charged a fair price and receive a quality product in return. The two go hand-in-hand. Someone overcharged for a quality roof will be upset, and someone undercharged for an awful roof will be upset. There’s a happy medium and that medium is the Fair Market Value.

Fair Market Value: The Historically-Common Roofing Problem Perspective

For twenty years, whenever a homeowner has a problem with their roof and seeks help, the problem is often found to be related to two scenarios:

Unskilled and uneducated roofers installed the roof without proper training and the craftsmanship suffered.
The company who installed the roof (wrong) can’t fix it because they’re now out of business.

A Fair Market Value helps diminish both of these problems. A company who charges a Fair Market Price for their work will have workers who are educated, who invest in continuing education, and who have incentive to provide quality craftsmanship. A company who charges Fair Market Value will also have the financial stability to honor warranties and weather economic storms. A company who charges a Fair Market Price cares about their workers and their local economy. They value quality work, provide a quality service and by being paid a fair price for that service, remain in business in order to provide that service for years to come.

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Schulte Roofing is a Bryan roofer with over 100 years of combined roofing experience.  Serving the Bryan-College Station and surrounding communities for almost 20 years, Schulte Roofing has been providing the best value and the results have been shown in 5 consecutive award winning years as Best Roofing Company (Navasota Examiner), Best Roofing Contractor (Best of the Brazos), and #1 Roofer in the Brazos Valley (Reader’s Choice Award).  Schulte Roofing is also “Home of the Bulletproof Roof™ Guarantee.”