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How To Avoid Tales Of Roofing Contracts Gone Wrong

Not all Bryan Roofers are created equal. Abilities, skills, experience and quality of workmanship varies considerably from one roofer to the next. When shopping for a roofing contractor, before even considering price, the homeowner wants to know that the contractor they select has a history of time-tested success and quality craftsmanship. Someone who puts you at ease with their charm, their promises, and their low prices is not always the best person for the job. A history of quality workmanship is what homeowners seek.

When shopping for a roof, homeowners more often than not go with a company who is priced somewhere in the middle rather than the lowest or the highest quote. Recent reports show that over 92% of homeowners go with a roof that is at least 14% above the cheapest offer. They don’t want their roof to be one worked on by amateurs “learning the trade” where chances are taken, corners are cut and quality is questionable. Honestly, you’ll never find the best-rated roofer coming in with the cheapest prices for their services. Why? Because they have a reputation to protect. Cutting corners, using cheap materials, and employing subpar roofers at a lower cost is not going to help them maintain that reputation. The best of the best will not compromise when it comes to: (a) using 100% genuine materials (b) paying their workers well so they’re motivated to give their best at work (c) fixing all small problems before they eventually grow to become uncontrollable calamities.

What it comes down to is quality. You get what you pay for.  Choosing the cheapest roof contractor may save you money today, but if you pay just 15% more than the cheapest offer, you can rest assured you won’t be shelving over money to fix their mistakes later.

Evangelina Depaz learned this truth the hard way when she chose a roofer to install her roof solely on the basis of price. Unfortunately for her, only a week after the $11,600 job was “completed” she noticed water flowing down the chimney inside and into her basement.  “I didn’t have water in my basement before,” she claims. Depaz later discovered that the company hadn’t installed a new roof at all. Instead, they simply tacked new roofing over three old layers and used inferior construction material. (Ref: Angie’s List: Roofing Rip-offs: Beware of scams, shoddy contractors).

In the end, Depaz spent another $23000 for a new roof just to avoid losing her homeowners’ insurance. $23000 plus $11600 equals $34600. She paid almost twice the cost she would’ve have paid if she’d just used a fairly-priced, quality contractor.

Schulte Roofing has a very straight forward pricing policy. There are no loopholes, fine print, or anything that might trick or mislead prospective customers. Our prices are flexible and vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done on the roof. There are no secrets or surprises. Before we give you the final quote, we first send one of our skilled techs to inspect your roof in order to see what they’ll be dealing with. Later, we send you a comprehensive quote document detailing every repair job we intend to do on your roof and the price. Beyond that, we also send you two quotes from our competitors so you can make a fair and informed choice about where your money will go.

We’re not new to the roofing industry. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have learned a couple of tricks that low-priced roofers use to scam uninformed homeowners of their time and money:

#1: Use of inferior roofing materials
Many inferior roofers use mill plywood instead of certified plywood which of course lowers the overall stability and quality of the roof. Schulte is dedicated to using plywood that meets the APA requirements.

#2: Compromise on service
We don’t compromise on finish and preparation details. We take a step by step approach to every roofing project we receive which keeps us organized and efficient. This ensures that there are no boxes left unchecked by the time we leave the site.

#3: Messy site
A messy site is not only an eyesore, but it’s dangerous. We always leave the site clean. Our technician will take time to walk around the compound to spot any lose debris including nails that could easily be left in your flower bed. We have large magnets that we use to capture all metallic debris.

#4: Unqualified techs
All our technicians are duly certified by relevant local roofing authorities. Before hiring, we do a thorough background check on the individual. All our techs are honest, hardworking and positive. We also train them comprehensively so they’re equipped with the skills to offer you premium quality craftsmanship.

Schulte Roofing prioritizes customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest possible standard of superior work. We are known in and around the Houston area as the commercial roofers with a family-friendly work ethic. Our customers know the excellent work we deliver which is why they keep referring their friends to us. Don’t take a chance when it comes to the roof above your head. We want nothing more than to provide you with quality Bryan roofing services at the fairest prices.