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Depend Upon an Honest Roofer and Avoid All Others!

A roof is a huge investment for any building owner, so it is important to select an honest, experienced and Roofer_Houstonreputable firm when roof repair or replacement is needed. When it comes to the repair, installment and renovation of a housetop covering, most professional roofing companies deliver great service and a high quality outcome. Unfortunately, there are a few ‘bad eggs’ out there that leave customers with poor workmanship, misused money and liability concerns. To avoid such problems, it is essential to differentiate between genuine roofing contractors and poor imitations.

Proper Discernment

Pseudo-contractors mimic genuine contractors by the services that are offered; however, many of them operate only on a door-to-door basis, especially after storms strike an area, soliciting work. While some can do the job, when the project is complete the results are often unsatisfactory and that person or firm is nowhere to be found to register a complaint.

Contractors such as these do offer low bids; however, commonly missing is proof of insurance, licenses, certifications, local addresses, and basically complete knowledge about proper roofing procedures. In most cases, they come from other cities, traveling from one place to another following the storms and using the power of persuasion to victimize innocent people. Therefore, it is vital to be fully aware of the procedures and risks involved when hiring a roofer.


The biggest mistake made when looking for a reputable roofer is not taking the time to thoroughly investigate any potential candidate in order to make an informed decision. Following are few of the differentiating criteria that can serve as a guide when making such an important hiring decision.

  • Certification, Insurance, License – A legitimate roofer can readily provide these documents without hesitation. Check with the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) or a related organization regarding company certification. Ask for proof of current worker’s compensation and liability insurance as well as the license number and copy of a work permit for the local area.
  • Longevity – A genuine, reputable contractor will have been in this industry for an extended period of time, at least ten years. Years of experience demonstrate highly-qualified, properly equipped and knowledgeable experts in this industry.
  • References – Ask for references from at least three previous customers. Inspect that work outcome and interview past clients about a contractor and and degree of satisfaction with the job that was done and if they would recommend doing business with this person or firm.
  • Local Address – Remember that dishonest roofers can also provide local addresses by using those of well-established nearby businesses. Always personally verify the exact address and local telephone number. At least drive by the business address and call the number that has been provided.
  • Door-to-Door Offers – Legitimate contractors normally do not conduct business by going door-to-door. Always be cautious if such a person canvases a neighborhood and be aware that their job is to persuade an owner to let them handle a roofing project. So do not be deceived by the persuasive speech of a deceitful marketing agent.

Wind, water and hail damage requires expert assistance. Under such situations, many may offer to handle such work; however, it is important to choose wisely and only hire a company that can provide legitimate services. Learning how to distinguish a good roofing contractor from an imitation can greatly affect the outcome of a job as well as the cost. Always choose a trusted company with the integrity to deliver excellent service, quality workmanship, and follow-up service!

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