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Houston_RoofWhen preparing for a remodeling project or a roof repair, hiring a contractor is not a simple task. It requires research and planning to achieve the desired results. Prior to meeting with a contractor, questions should be formulated and a background check performed to avoid choosing a contractor who has committed any fraudulent acts or deceptive practices. To avoid such an occurrence, set certain criteria that must be met by a roofing company and by which performance and reputation can be evaluated, a few of which are listed below.

Project Planning

Proper planning is vital before starting such a project in order to prevent expensive errors. To decrease the chances of an undesired outcome, be well-prepared by considering some important questions associated with a roofing project:

  • Necessity – Is a new roof really needed or will repairs be enough?
  • Materials – What types of material are going to be used?
  • Cost – What is the typical cost of this type of project?
  • Criteria – What criteria should be used to select the right company, such as possibly license, certifications, years in business, etc.?
  • References – What kind of feedback have previous clients provided on contractors?
  • Guarantee – Does the company provide a material and workmanship guarantee?

After formulating the questions, comprehensive research can then be done to come up with a list of qualified and trustworthy contractors who can deliver quality service and results.


The easiest and fastest way to search for a roofing company is through the internet. Although all information presented is not going to be 100% reliable, it can still be an effective tool to use for visiting blogs and forums to get feedback or for visiting a company’s website to view a portfolio. Besides the information gathered from the internet, referrals from friends, neighbors, etc. is a good way to find a reputable company. Another method is to visit home improvement centers can often provide names of builders.


The next step is to disqualify any companies unable to do a proper job. Contact any contractors on a final list and set up interviews. Be sure all concerns have been understood and know how the job will be handled; assess whether a good work ethic is displayed. Be sure of proper insurance, necessary licenses and proper certifications; determine if a warranty on workmanship will be offered and how long they have been in business.

There are many contractors available and it can be difficult to determine which ones are trustworthy and reputable. In order to avoid hiring a firm with poor work ethics and inferior workmanship, it is vital to prepare in advance by formulating a plan, researching, and conducting interviews to assess and qualify prospective contractors before any one of them to do the job!

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