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A Guide to Choose the Best Roofer

College Station roofer

You cannot deny that price is one of the biggest factors in choosing the best College Station roofer for your project.   Commonly, many customers use price as a sole determining factor, falsely believing they are getting the best possible deal.  A lower price does not always equal a better deal.  In fact what is often most lost in the process is the quality of work being done on your home.   As you determine your budget for your roofing project, remember that no matter the budget you have plenty of options.  To help you sort out those options at any budget level, read through our best roofer guide.

Length of Time in Business

The roofing industry will always have “storm chasers” or weekend roofers.  However, a sign of professionalism is the length of time they have been in business.  A roofing company with a long history is likely to have more experience and a desire to ensure their reputation through superior work and ethics.

Visit their Location

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but visit your roofing contractor at their location prior to signing a contract.  You will be able to make sure first hand that they are licensed and bonded.  This also gives you the opportunity to see how your roofing contractor conducts business, allowing you to decide if that is a direction for you.

Verify Insurance

Every roofer is required by law to carry insurance as well as worker’s compensation.  This coverage protects both the company and the home owners in the case that something goes awry.  A professional College Station roofer will happily allow you to independently verify their documentation.

Reputation Check

Reputation in the roofing industry means everything.  Most projects come on the back of a well-constructed roofer.  Performing poorly on projects or conducting business badly will carry a long way.  Organizations like the Better Business Bureau, your local Chamber of Commerce, community message boards, and the like make sure your College Station roofer has the best possible reputation.

Price Comparison

Price is obviously at the top of most customers’ minds.  As you obtain multiple quotes, remember all roofing contractors can provide the same materials.  The differences in the costs of the quotes you may already have should come from the installation quality and the warranty that backs that installation.  Be sure to compare your pricing options evenly.  A 50 year warranty may only cover materials with one contractor, while a 25 year warranty may cover both materials and labor with another roofer.

Warranty Coverage

One of the most overlooked parts to a roofing project is the warranty.  As described above make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Most manufacturer warranties only cover roofing materials and only when installed exactly according to specification.  If your roofing contractor does not follow these guides correctly, then your materials will not be covered and it will be up to you and your roofer to determine who should pay for the repairs.

The best warranties will cover both the product and the labor.  Schulte Roofing is a College Station roofer with the best roofing warranty in the industry, the Bulletproof Proof Roof™ Guarantee.  Contact Schulte Roofing today to compare Schulte Roofing with other College Station roofers.

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  1. thanks Scott, great info. i’m a residential buldeir and remodeler in MI. my biggest challenge is estimating jobs.I worry that i’m guessing to much! Looking for a good (fair) formula that i can use to figure all my jobs. Where i’m providing a fair price to my customers and I’M actually making a living doing what i enjoy doing. Do i figure everything time & materials? if so what should i be charging for myself and for one employee? and how much should i be marking up the materials? seems like it’s all a big secret when trying to find out what other buldeirs and remodelers are charging, and the prices are all over the place. Ok if your charging by the hour and the customer wants a solid contract price, and bidding a remodel project of some sort, all projects are different, now your hopping you figured(or guessed) the right amount of man hrs, and then you have materials! so do you figure every 2 4,every sheet of drywall,every nail and screw on on ? on each and ever job. Got to be a better way! Just seems like a alot of guessing at times. I just want to make a good living doing what i enjoy. Believe me i’m not driving around in no $40thousand pickup truck. Got to be a better way! So how do the pros do it? any input would be helpful. thanks

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