The Right Bryan Roofing Company: A Cautionary Story

Price is understandably one of the biggest factors in selecting your Bryan roofing contractor.  However, price should not be the ONLY factor in your decision process.  In past articles we have described some potential pitfalls when selecting the wrong Bryan roofing company, however, in this article we cover a real life story posted on the website, Reddit.  In this situation the customer tried to use a friendly, cost-saving contractor for their roofing project.

Roofing Contractor Background & Credentials

The homeowners originally received word of their chosen roofing contractor because of a job that was completed for their nearby friend.  He seemed honest and did above average work, which seemed like a great deal at the time.  Before entering and starting work on their home, this specific contractor requested that the home owners obtain a building permit for their local municipality.

Your Bryan roofer is supposed to obtain and provide all necessary documentation, licenses, and permits. It is the law.

Authorities Come Knocking

As part of their normal duties, your state’s Contractors State License Board equivalent, will routinely inspect in process jobs to ensure safety and proper building code enforcement.  In this specific case, a state representative arrived on the construction site and started probing about the work in progress.

Specifically, the representative will want to know about your obtained permits, how you are paying your contractor workers, and to speak with the actual contractor in charge.  The representative is fully authorized to halt all work until and investigation can be completed.  Believe it or not, in this case the state representative is actually there to help homeowners.  Their job is to help ensure that you get the actual services you requested without sacrifice to quality or standards.

A contractor can face fines and even jail time if they do not obtain the proper licenses.

Stories Get Confused

A good natured customer was trying to protect what they felt was a good contractor.  However, in the course of their interactions with the state representatives, the customers stated that the contractor was related to them.  Additionally, the contractor stated to the representatives that he was not paying them, but rather the customers.

This information then turns the tables on the customers.  The licensing board then brings a labor agent representative with him to the job site.  The labor agent then fines the couple $5,000.00 for not obtaining workman’s compensation for the workers.

It is always best to be honest with licensing representatives and to obtain the proper licensing prior to starting your roofing project.  However, the best legal advice should be obtained by legal representation.

Outcome Pending

In addition to dealing with a delayed build time, the homeowners were fined an extra $5000.00 on a roof that they thought they were getting a great deal.  In order to appeal this fine, the couple will have to appear in court.  They will also have to explain why they and the contractor gave state representatives two different stories.

Working with a professional Bryan Roofing company will prevent a cascading issue that turns ugly and expensive quickly.  When selecting a Bryan roofing contractor, be sure to get several recommendations, look at several previous projects, visit their location, discuss the installation process, and make sure you clearly understand their warranty coverage.  And, in no uncertain terms should you be required to obtain any additional licenses for your property.   Schulte Roofing will handle all licensing needs for your roofing project and is fully insured and bonded.