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How to Determine the Age of Your Roof!

Expert contractors can determine the age of any roof, even without any documentation. Visual clues are available and can provide a very accurate estimate of the age of a house and its roof. Just like the crime scene investigation shows on television, examining components such as building materials, fasteners, types of saw cuts on lumber and even nails can be a source of useful information to pinpoint a roof’s construction date.

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Following are some of the clues used by experts to estimate a roof’s age:

  • Roofing Material – The types of roofing and their history will aid in determining the age and condition of the covering material. These types of material include: asbestos cement and fiber; asphalt shingles or rolls; clay tiles; masonite fiberboard; modified bitumen; metal, rubber or synthetic; slate; sod; stone; thatch; wood shakes; and wood shingles.
  • Building Material – Types of material used in the building itself, such as: shiplap siding; aluminum siding; plywood versus groove and tongue sheathing; vinyl siding; bricks; or cement asbestos shingle siding can help decide the age of a structure.
  • Construction Material – Nails and screws are one other method experts use in coming to a decision about how long a structure has been in place.
  • Chimneys – The way fireplaces and chimneys are constructed as well as the types of material and mortar used are yet another way of determining age.
  • Framing – Roofing system framing, methods, and size can help provide an accurate estimate. This includes the: framing materials; lumber width and edge finish; interior trim; and construction method.
  • Insulation – Insulation kinds and types used in roof construction such as: brick; newspaper; corn cobs; mineral or rock wool; vermiculite; fiberglass; chopped fiberglass; foam board; cellulose; and spray foam are an excellent basis for determining age.
  • Electrical Components – Electrical installation, types of wiring and many other electrical components such as fuses, panels and circuit breakers can be a good way to make an estimate.
  • Other Equipment – Heating equipment, exhaust fans and other mechanical systems such as the presence of gas piping or the style of a fireplace can be a reliable basis as well.


Determining the age of a roof can be an exciting task, especially for anyone who enjoys investigating and discovering things. Not all materials are the same, so be sure to document any discoveries and investigation results for future use!

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