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How to Save Money When Replacing a Roof!

3Getting a new roof is a major expense that can be an expensive dreaded event, ranking somewhere down the line along with having a septic system serviced. It is still a necessity of home maintenance and there are ways to save some money when the time comes for that new roof as outlined in the tips below.

  • Early Replacement – As expensive as it is, waiting to get one more year out of a roof will many times be a very costly mistake. If there are any signs of damage, repairing before it becomes significant is important and can otherwise turn a routine re-roofing into an extensive replacement if there is unknown damage below the surface.
  • Timing – The busiest time of year for roofers is always the end of summer through fall. The weather is most predictable during this time in most areas, making it favorable for contractors to pull existing materials which exposes a house to the elements and put on a new one without interference from the weather. Because it is so popular, it is hard to get a contractor scheduled during this time. Also, material manufacturers tend to raise prices just before this busy season which causes contractors to raise prices as well. If at all possible, schedule the job for late spring to early summer which will allow for getting the job done faster as well as working at pre-increase prices. Just be sure the contractor has a plan to quickly cover-up in the event of rain while the job is in progress.
  • Upgrades – Sometimes a longer term look at money savings should to be considered. Replacing a roof with one of higher quality as well as adding skylights or solar panels at this time will naturally cost more although savings of doing such upgrades while the roof is already dismantled must be considered as a long-term money saving option. A better quality roof will typically last longer if well maintained and be more thermo-efficient; solar panels and skylights offer energy savings indefinitely, which all adds up after a few years.
  • Money Planning – Two places to look at for project funding is through applicable insurance and the government. If a roof is inspected by a qualified contractor and found to have hail, wind or any other type of covered insurable damage and is not caused by neglect, it is possible to get an insurance company to cover some or all of the cost. Also check into qualfication for Energy Star incentives to save money at tax time as well as using Energy Star rated products to be more energy efficient and reduce utility bills.
  • Discounts – There is nothing wrong with getting a discount on expensive services while being careful to know the reputation and experience of any company being considered. Trustworthy contractors will frequently advertise discounts during the slow time of year for roofing although such a deals should never seem too good to be true. To avoid being scammed, research must be done when considering an offered discount – but consider it just the same. It may also be helpful to ask a known local company if any discounts are offered for work done during the off-peak season.

The important thing to keep in mind when expecting to have a new roof done in the near future is to plan ahead. Knowing the condition of a roof and when to start seriously scheduling such an event is something that will save the most money. Having time to get the necessary funds together while discussing a contract with a reputable roofing contractor before such a job becomes an emergency is always going to be the best way to save money when replacing a roof!

Every Conroe roof will eventually need replacement – just don’t wait too long to plan such an action! For help with scheduling this important building action, call Schulte Roofing at 800-367-7663 for roof replacement skills unmatched by our competition!