Color Your Roof Correctly!

roofer HoustonWhen deciding on the right color for a roof to make it really stand out, it is important to know all available options as choosing the correct shade can make quite a difference. Shingles can be painted with a special coating to prolongs their life as well as help in the reflectivity, or absorption, of light. Since applying such a coating or installing a new roof is rather expensive, all important aspects should be learned to choose the right hue. Most professionals look at three factors: material type; color matching to the building design; and a light or dark scheme.


One of the most common pitfalls made in choosing materials is only considering how much money will be saved. Less expensive materials are often purchased, leading to frustration with the outcome as it either looks wrong or does not properly protect the structure. The most commonly used materials include wood shakes, asphalt, slate, shingles, and metal, all of which have varying aspects such as durability and price. It can be helpful to cut out pictures from brochures and magazines to compare all available options.

Color Matching

It is often thought that there are limited roofing options, which is not true as there is a wide variety of colors available to match any building style. First determine a color theme. If a roof will be placed on an existing structure, work to match main and secondary colors using a tone for the top that will blend well with any existing shades. Print a picture of the structure and use the clippings obtained from brochures and magazines to compare how it all looks, playing close attention to textures and tones. Then select the most complimentary one that will make the entire structure stand out while properly protecting it from all outside elements.

Look at the types of material and coating shades most commonly used nearby. Select a coating that blends with the horizon for a unique look. This creates an appearance when viewed from a distance of a structure appearing to be part of the sky. Don’t overlook the importance of the roof being both practical and functional.

Color Scheme

Whichever choice is made, different schemes have different benefits. If the roof is low or with a shallow pitch, using a lighter tone will make it appear taller; if the structure is already very tall, coating it with something dark will make it appear less overwhelming.

Consider also that a lighter shade generally reflects more of the sun than a darker tone which helps lower a building’s internal temperature. Darker tones usually absorb more of the sun’s rays and can contribute to an increase in room temperature. A lighter scheme is good in areas with more sun exposure, while a darker scheme is perfect for areas that are colder or with less exposure to the sun throughout the year.

Take the time to discuss all above concerns with a nearby contractor to ensure that any roofing material is properly chosen for both the structure and the area in which located. Getting a professional opinion ensures that a home will look great while saving energy costs as well – so color that roof correctly!

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