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The Importance Of Roofing Bids And Contracts!

Houston_Roofing_RepairFinding a roofing contractor is simple. They can be found by word of mouth; in the phone book; in the classified section of magazines; or on the internet. Finding the best one to for repairs or re-roofing can be challenging, especially when it comes to cost estimates.

There are many contractors to choose from and it is often difficult to decide which one is the best-suited for a project. Whatever criteria is important to each individual should hopefully come up with a list of at least three top contenders for the job. The next step would be to ask each one to submit price proposals and from there, a decision can be made based on those cost estimates.

It is important to learn a few things about what contractors consider when calculating a cost estimate in order to have a rough figure to match with an allotted budget. It is also vital to have some basic knowledge about the project in order to select the right builder.

Roofing Bids

Bids are comprised of labor and materials. Material costs are easy to compute since it is usually based on the available market price. Labor costs are calculated based on the following:

  • Accessibility – The cost will be higher if a site is inaccessible and old materials hard to remove.
  • Condition – In some cases, a new roof can be laid over an existing one which entails less labor; however, when old material must be removed, a builder will charge extra for this task along with hauling and disposal charges.
  • Inclination – Builders often increase the price if the roof is steep as this will require special tools to access and accomplish the task.
  • Style – Some contractors also take into consideration the style of the roof that will be installed as some styles and installation will cost more than others.

Points to Consider

Before accepting a proposal, there are several points that must be given careful consideration to determine if a proposal is reasonable and will have a good outcome. Following are some things to consider before making a final decision.

  • Price Range – It is important that the proposal is within a budget. Bids will range both high and low depending upon how each contractor handles unforeseen problems. It is essential to balance the quality of anticipated workmanship with an acceptable price range.
  • Fixed Price Estimate – It is vital to determine that a price proposal is final. To prevent it from changing before a job begins, have a builder sign a contract confirming that the estimated price is fixed and final.
  • Inclusions – Before accepting a bid, it is important to ask about inclusions. The final amount should include labor and materials as well as any necessary supplies such as nails and caulking as well as hauling and disposal charges
  • Warranty – Ensure that a contractor will provide both a manufacturer’s warranty and a contractor’s guarantee. A manufacturer’s warranty covers the materials used in a project for a certain number of years – if properly installed. A contractor’s guarantee assures the workmanship provided again for a certain number of years. Both of these are provided without any extra charge unless so indicated.

Part of choosing the right roofing contractor is find the best bid; however, it is not always wise to choose the lowest bidder. Price should not be the only basis of selection as a low estimate could mean poor workmanship while a high bid does not guarantee the best quality job for that price. The bottom line is again that balance between cost and quality. Before signing any contract, it is imperative to understand all aspects of a bid as well as the accompanying contract to ensure the right price along with a quality outcome!

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